Most Hilarious Sporting and weddings Moments Caught on Camera

Months of serious preparation and major or minor irritations, money, a lot of joy % this is a recipe for a typical wedding and sports. Sportsmen or their fans deserve more big respect. But sometimes it’s very difficult to control  facial expressions or words when a team’s victory is at stake. To make it even better, we need some ridiculously and just a little bit of craziness…just like the heroes of the following photographs.

Bright Side has found images from weddings and sports where something went very humor and wrong.


Hey, girl! This is not the beach!



The flower girl is tired of all this wedding stuff!

Michael Llodra of France falls against a ball girl during his match


 Alexander Gazsi  and Germany’s Nelli Zhiganshina compete during the figure skating ice

2 types of girls on Halloween

Still don’t have a selfie stick? No problem, bro!

She is in doubt


Aston Villa’s Nicklas Helenius shoots




How Iphone Users Take Selfie


One Day Before Exam


When Friend Ask Extra Sheets in Exam Hall

Accept The Ring In Public



Live Every Moment in Real Way


Made For Each Other




Zoom IN 10x …  In Exam Hall

I Hope You Enjoy These Most Hilarious Sporting and weddings Moments