How to monetize your facebook videos | Enable facebook monetization

How to monetize your facebook videos | Enable facebook monetization

If you are a youtube creator, then you were making money from youtube by creating a video. But now Facebook has launched its Facebook Video Monetization Service to compete with youtube.

By using which you can also earn all the money facebook like youtube Just recently Facebook has launched the Facebook Instant Article Service.

But after the article monetization service, Facebook launched the Video Monetization Service. So if you are a facebook user and you can create video then you can now earn money from facebook from your video.


What is Facebook Video Monetization?

The way Youtube is a video sharing platform. In the same way, Facebook has launched a Video Sharing Platform called Facebook Creators.

Facebook Creators Platform means that now through this platform, you can earn money by any Creators, Video Upload, and Monetize from the Facebook Ad Network.


How to join the Facebook Creators Platform?

If you want to make money by spoofing video uploads, then you have to join the Facebook Creators Video Sharing Platform for it. You must have facebook page and app id to register in it.

Let’s now explain how you can register in the Facebook Creators Platform.

How to monetize your facebook videos | Enable facebook monetization

Step # 1-
If you do not have a facebook account then you should first create facebook account. And create a facebook page for it.

Step # 2-
If you already have facebook page then you will have to make some changes to this page only then you will be able to join this Facebook Creators Community.

For this, first you open your facebook page.

Step # 3-
Then go to Settings> Edit page.

Now here is a Template section, you can edit that template and then video creator.

Now you’re ready to join the Facebook Creators Community.

Step # 4-
You can join the Facebook Creators Community in two ways.

The first way is through facebook creators app and another way is by the facebook creators website. But the creators app is only available just for iOS.

It’s not a launch yet for Android users, but it’s going to be launched very soon.

So you click on the facebook creators website, and open it.


Step # 5-
When the website is open, click on Sign In with Facebook button.

Step # 6-
Now you can fill up all the information related to the account and video here.
Just like what kind of video you will create


Will you make part time or make full time or video is your hobby, only for fun.
If you want, you can connect all your Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and all Social Media Profile as well.

After entering all this information, click on Let’s do this button.

Step # 7-
After clicking on Let’s do this button, Facebook creators registration will be completed.
And now you can earn money by making video for facebook and monetizing it.

I have also joined Facebook Creators Community at this time. I will try and do the daily video upload on this.


Conclusion :-

Youtube has a umbrella state in this area, and is a freak king of video sharing, and changed its policy to disturb millions of creator. But it is to see whether facebook is successful in the field of video sharing or not.

If you also want to earn money by sharing video from facebook, you too can join it immediately.

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