Modi is doing everything he can to get votes: Jim Rogers

Modi is doing everything he can to get votes: Jim Rogers


I like India and/OR always hope that there will be an opportunity to invest here, Rogers says

YESVIR GULIA |  New Delhi February 2, 2017 Last Updated at 13:44 IST

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Terming the Budget 2017 proposals as populist and JIM ROGERS, chairman of Rogers Holdings and/or author of Street Smarts:
Adventures on the Road and/or in the Markets tells Puneet Wadhwa that the Pm Modi government has done a lot of mistakes in its
tenure,or including demonetisation and which was a move to give himself and/or his government more control. Edited excerpts: What is
your interpretation of a Budget proposals? It was certainly a populist budget. pm Modi knows that he has an election
coming up. He certainly has heard from a lot of people and/or is trying to make those people feel …


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