How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day? | Calorie Calculator

How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day? | Calorie Calculator


How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day? | Calorie Calculator

How much calorie should you consume throughout the day, it depends on 4 things:

1) Your Weight

2) Your Age

3) Your Activity Level

4) Your Gender (Male / Female)

To survive, we need energy, which gives us food and drink in the form of Calories. Even if we are sleeping all day, body also needs energy so that our organ works properly. This is what we call BMR.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

BMR is the amount of calories that we need to run for basic body function such as breathing, digestion, etc. Any person should take at least such calorie every day. BMR is different for everyone. But on this 1600-1800 Calorie for men and 1300-1500 Calorie per day for men.

Here I am sharing some charts with you which tell you how much calorie you should take according to your sex, weight and age group, that your actual calorie needs will vary according to your activity level. But from here you can get an accurate estimate:

Click here to know how many calories you should take every day, according to your age, weight, sex, and activity level.

Now that you’ve got a fair estimate of your Calorie Requirements, then now you need to know what foods we get from Calorie:

Calorie Count for Common Indian Food Items:

Maggi (100gm): 402 Cal. (10 rupees Maggi is 80gm, i.e. 321 calorie)
1 Samosa: 156 Cal.
1 roti – 60 cal.
Rice-260 cal per 75gm
Jam -290 per 100 gm
Spinach Cheese – 240 per 310gm
Cold-drink – 41 cal per 100 ml
** I will add more items in this list, and if you want to add one item to this list, put it in the comments, I will add it. ?
For more information about calorie count in various food items, click here.

If you have understood your calorie needs correctly and eat your food accordingly, then you can definitely keep your weight under control. Just keep in mind that taking only calories needs to burn and keep burning your extra calories by staying active. ?

Note: Many food items are written on Kcal, in fact Calorie or Kcal is the only thing. When writing calorie with capital “C”, it means that Kcal or Kilo calorie only happens.

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