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How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story

How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story

Today on Mistyinfo.Com we will introduce you to the world’s YOUNGEST CEO. Chief executive officer, i.e. the most prominent officer of a company, is not to say that this is a very responsible post and the hair reaching this position becomes white.

For the first time in my mind, the question came that when the youngest CEO of the world would be, then I thought that this would be American, who would leave his studies in the middle and start an IT company with a garage. No Bill Gates, Steve Jobs types But for me it was a wonderful surprise that World’s Youngest CEO is none other but an Indian.

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World’s Youngest CEO -Suhas Gopinath
Suhas Gopinath

So let us introduce you to the world’s youngest CEO, Mr. From Suhas Gopinath (Suhas Gopinath).

About ten to twelve years ago, when Suhas founded the foundation of Global Inc, he was only fourteen years old, and then he himself did not even know that he has become the youngest CEO of the world. And he did this work, not sitting in a luxury office but sitting in a small Cyber-Cafe in Bangalore.

Today Globals Inc is a multi-million dollar company and its operations are spread across the USA, UK, Spain, Australia and so on. Only at the age of twenty-five years, when most people are engaged in completing their studies; Only then Suhas Gopinath has achieved many achievements –

He is the BOARD MEMBER of the World Bank’s ICT Advisory Council.
In the year 2007, he was awarded “Young Achiever Award” by the European Parliament and International Association for Human Values.
World Economic Forum Also honored him with the honor of ‘Young Global Leaders’ for 2008-09.
He is also the youngest member of the World Economic Forum.
What’s it!!!

Let’s know from their tone of their story:


Childhood of Suhas:

I belong to a middle-class family. My father used to work as a Scientist in the Indian Army. And I was studying at Banglore’s Air Force School. My interest in animal and animal science was in childhood. But when I had a PC with my friends; I used to listen to talking about the computer and there was a desire in me that I too would talk like them.

At that time there was no computer at our house nor could we afford it. So I found an internet cafe near my house, then I used to get only 15 rupees as pocket money every month, every day so many internet money could not be surfed. But I had a notice about this shop, it was closed from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I gave a shop to the shopkeeper that after school, from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. i will open your shop and take care of the customers. In return you’ll let me surf the net in free. This was my first business deal of life, and it proved to be very successful.


The craze to create a website:

Now I had both computers and internet. . Slowly I started making the website. And in a short time it became my passion. There are some freelance marketplace on the Internet where I register as a website-builder. I had to make the first website free of cost because I did not have the references. This was a company website from New York. My first earning was $ 100 which I got to make another website, then I was 13 years old. Since I did not have any bank account, I told my father about this.

I was not too excited to take the money. Because I used to do this work for my passion, not for money. I also made the website in free, then I was a student of class IX. After that I created a portal called coolhindustan.com. Which was focussed on NRIs. I wanted to show my skills through this portal. After that many companies started approaching me to make my web-designer.


When bought your first computer:

When I was in 9th class then I had deposited a lot of money in order to buy a computer. At that time my brother was doing engineering, Papa thought he needed a computer and bought a computer for him, in a while I bought a computer too. But there was no net-connection at my house. Giving me more time in the net-cafe, my studies are also affected. I spent my life working in the summer vacation cafe after 9th


When got a job-offer from the US:

When I was fourteen, I got a part-time job offer from NetworkSolutions, a US company that was ready to sponsor my education in the US. But I rejected that offer because at the same time I had read about Bill Gates that how he started Microsoft. How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story

I thought it was more fun to start my company. Many US companies used to tell me that I do not even have a mustache and they feel insecure in taking my services. He used to connect my ability with my age and qualification. That’s why I thought of starting my company so that I can show the world that age and academic qualification do not matter. I decided that when I started my company, I would just take youngsters and would not ask them about their academic qualification or marks. Today I follow this thing in my company.


When his company started at the age of fourteen:

Shortly after the Class 9th holiday ended, I had my company Globals Inc. Introduced I wanted to name the company Global or Global Solutions, but both names were not available, so I named the Globals.

I registered my company in the US because in India, you can not enter the company at the age of 18. In the US, it takes just 15 minutes to start the company. I became the owner and CEO of the company, a friend of mine who was a student of the University of the United States became a board member. I was quite excited because that was what I wanted to do. From that day onwards I began to dream of making my company Microsoft bigger.

Globals Inc.’s turn-over Rs. 1 lac, which increased in second year to Rs. Got 5 Lacs


Not good at school:

In my pre-board CBSE exam I failed in Mathematics. The school’s head-mistress got shocked, because for the first time I failed in some subject. He called my mother and complained to me. Mother took oath from my house that I would pay attention to studies. I told my mother that when the world’s richest man Bill Gates does not complete his studies, why do you force me to study? Then he said that I am sure that you and his horoscope are not the same. ?

I am from a family where entrepreneurship is considered as sin. My mother was quite upset, she wanted me to do engineering and then MBA and work in a good company. Keeping in mind the wishes of my mother, I did no work for my company for four months and got involved in the preparation of board exams. I passed the exams in first class.

I still feel that nothing happens with bookish knowledge, practical knowledge is very important.


Europe as a Market:

By the time I was 16-17 years old, I did not tell anyone about my company, I thought that I am a freelancer. We used to make websites, related to online-shopping, e-commerce. Sometimes we used part-time programmers in the US, but we had no office yet. When I was sixteen, I realized that there are plenty of opportunities in Europe because most of the Indian IT companies were focusing on US. When I contacted a company from Spain, they refused to work with us saying that Indians do not come Spanish. How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story

An entrepreneur can not accept rejection, especially when he is young. I hired five interns from Spanish universities and asked them to pay according to their successful sales. These people brought projects for our company. Then I decided that we should have an office in Spain. I did the same in Italy as well.


When visiting entrepreneurship in Germany:

The American news-paper and the BBC were telling me a lot about “World’s Youngest CEO at 14 from a middle class background” I never thought of coming to lime-light, for me to start a company, my passion Was the part. Seeing all this, a B-school from Germany invited me to talk to entrepreneurship with my students. Then I was 17 years old, I had completed my twelfth degree and had enrolled in an engineering college in Bangalore. When I was 18, I set-up my company’s European head-quarter, Bonn.

This way we traveled from a small Internet cafe to a multi-national company, whose operations are spread today in places like Europe, Middle East, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia. How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story


When the company registered in India in 18 years:

On the day I was eighteen, I registered my company with the name Globals in India and recruited four people. I opened my office next to the same cafe from where I started my career. By now, the cafe had been closed and its owner was working in a factory. Whenever he got me, I told him that “You made me an entrepreneur but I got a job myself.”


On making the Company a Product Company:

We also wanted to make our company a product company and our focus was on education. We have created a software that keeps all the information from the enrollment of a child’s school to the time of his exit. We want to make market leader in this area. Today, our software is being used in over 100 schools of India, Singapore and Middle East.

When i When he met Abdul Kalam he was the President of India. Then I was 17-18 years old. That meeting was to be 15 minutes but our conversation was so intense that our visit lasted for a few hours. I did not think I was talking to the President of India. We people talked like two friends They were sitting first on the other side of the table, then sat next to me next. This was a great memorable and good learning experience for me.


On becoming a board-member of the World Bank in 2005:

I took engineering to my parents’ wishes but could not complete it like Bill Gates. When I was the 5th semester, then World Bank invited me to attend his board meeting. I was an Indian in that board Its aim was to improve quality of education by using ICT in emerging economies. Mr. Robert Zoellick, the President of World Bank, did not want the Americans just in the board; they wanted members from other countries too. And since he was focusing on education, he wanted to include young minds in it.

I had never even dreamed that I would ever become a Board member of the World Bank. This was the most unforgettable moment of my life. I had to report directly to Robert B Zoellick. CEO of Cisco, VP of Microsoft, CEO of SAP, etc. were also the members of this board. How I Made The World’s Youngest CEO | Motivational Story


On the future of your company:

I have always believed that IT is not just a technology, but a tool to solve problems. And I want to do this in this company. I want Globals to be market-leader in providing related software solutions related to educations.

When I was young I did not care much about money, but now I am responsible for my employees, if I do not think about money, then we will not be able to scale-up. When I started a company from a cafe in Bangalore, I did not even think that it would become a multi-million dollar company one day. My driving force is my passion and the journey till now has been quite amazing.

Mistyinfo.Com wishes Suhas a life full of achievements May this son of India meet his dreams and bring a revolutionary improvement in the field of education through his software solutions.

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