How long will it keep ignoring health?

How long will it keep ignoring health?

Friends Some things are such that we know we should do but still we do not. One of them is the one. “Pay attention to your health.”

We say Health comes first“, but in reality we give it last preference.
We say “Health is wealth“, but live as if “Wealth is health

95% of us do this; And I am also among those 95% people or can say that there was three days ago … who do not pay attention to their health …. But now I want to jump into a group of 5% of the attention. Beginning three days ago, for the last three days I am doing exercise by rising in the morning … I expect this to continue, and today, publicly speaking about this, maybe I will be able to grow even more strongly in this direction … let’s see !!!

And it is not that it has started for the first time … many have begun even before, but after a few days you know what happens …. And how will not you know it also has happened to you … ?

But this time I will not go back, in my daily routine, I will definitely include the exercises and I will do it until I become brushless or as usual as a daily bath … do not come in my habit …

So what I’m gonna do for this; Let me tell you about this, but before that let’s try to understand why we keep ignoring our health:


Because we have a habit of digging well on thirst:

When most people collect electricity bills / telephone bills … .last day … until the work comes to the head, we keep on avoiding it … and this also happens with health … .. since our health is normal now, therefore We do not seem to have any urgency to pay attention to this, and it seems that everything is fine, then we can start walking, jogging, we can start after a few days … but as we know for many years Thinking, but never do.


We think bad things can happen to others only:

In the case of health we never think of our bad …. Yeah and think very bad things, but in the case of health we are different … even though we know that crores of Indians are diabetic. We never think that due to our lazy lifestyle we may also have diabetes … Do not even pay attention to the fact that if lakhs of people are getting heart disease in the young age then tomorrow may be ours too … as if we are not superman !!!


We think that if we give attention later, the work will be done:

But this is not the case, firstly, this “latter” is not coming soon, and the second time we continue to postpone health, we go on advancing to bad health or disease. That is, if we understand ourselves, then we will cover them, but in the same way in the school, the student who stole from the beginning from the beginning never read a 100% score, in the same way after ending a human being for years In meditation, 100% can not get health, so we should pay attention to this direction from today.


Because our environment is such:

If you walk in the morning walk then you will be seen mostly by the people of old age people, or people with obesity … These are those who have been thirsty, health issues have come in their life … but those who are young … are healthy now they are not … no one of our friends goes to jogging, does not see the gym, so if we do not do bad …. Do not pay attention to friends, health is actually a disease, but since 95% people are ill, has been taken …. But as you know the truth is something else!


Well, now I tell my plan:

The big is simple; I have decided that I will give a 30 minute exercise after being fresh in the morning.

Whether it’s up to 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock … I will also wake up 30 minutes to give health …. We do the same with the brush, is not it? Is there anybody who does not brush up late … All do … when we get up then we do … and that’s what I will do with exercise ….


What challenges can come in this?

With this I can be late for the office …. My planned blog post today can be postponed for tomorrow … reading the newspaper can be a gap … but let it be … we always say nothing more than health, nothing is health, wealth is there, and all that knowledge … but The problem is that just say it is practically never apply, this time I am going to … I am seeing the sick people around me and I have realized from inside this time that being “healthy” can not be bigger than any asset …

Tell a little story …

There was a man, he used to spend business day and night, his goal was to become the richest man in the city. He gradually completed this goal, in the happiness of this success he built a magnificent house. On the day of entry, he gave a big party and when all the guests went away, he went to sleep in his room.

As soon as he lying on the bed lying in his ear,

“I am your soul … and now I am leaving your body !!”

Man could come in and said, “Hey you can not do this, if you go, then I will die … see how much success I have achieved … I have built a house for millions of rupees … so much happiness – facilities you somewhere Will not meet … Do not go from here … ”

The soul said, “My house was your body …. But in the dawn of making crores of homes you destroyed this priceless body … … you can not walk properly … You do not sleep at night … Your heart has become weak …. Do not know because of tension and how many diseases have become your home. Your body … Tell you only if you want to live in such a house where there is dirt on all sides … whose roof is dripping … Whose window – the doors are broken …. I do not want to! …. That’s why I can not stay in such a place …. ”

And so, the spirit came out of Man’s body … and Man died.

Friends, this story is a reality for many people … I do not say that you do not pursue your goals, but I will definitely say that whatever you do, keep health at the top …. Otherwise, after achieving the goal like Seth, they will not be able to enjoy their success.

Finally, I would like to finish my speech with a quote from Swami Vivekananda

“You will be closer to heaven through football than the study of the Gita”

… read the Gita … Do not forget to play football …. Do not leave your health behind in the race behind your goal ….

All the best! ?

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