Live train running status app for android free download

Live train running status app for android free download

In India, 60% of 100 people like to travel by train. The time for arrival of all trains is different.

Sometimes Trains due to some technical failure or because of the environment the railways are late. Therefore, it is also necessary to know the inquiry of the train.

People like to train because the train journeys are cheap and comfortable. Indian Railways are the world’s largest train lines. There are 17500 station count in India.

Every day 20 lakh Indians travel by India. A total of 12617 trains run on daily railway track. In this case it is very difficult to inquire about every train.


Live train running status app for android

Information about the running status is necessary. There are so many techniques in today’s time that you can easily check the status of Indian Train. There are many online and offline ways that you will get information on the running status of all the trains running in India.


Live train running status app for android free download

First of all, you need to go to the Google Play store of your smartphone and install an Indian Rail Offline TimeTable application.

Once the app is installed, click Open.

Now after opening the app you will see 3 options:

Trains Between Stations: In this option you get information about which trains run in the middle of any two stations. Here you have to fill the source station and the station code of the station station in both boxes, then you will find your information.

Trains Time Table: In this option, you get information about the time of all the trains. Simply enter the name of the train in the search option and all the information related to the train will be revealed to you.

Trains At My Stations: If you want information about any particular station, then this option is very beneficial for you. With this option, you can get information about the number of trains that pass 24 hours on any one station, through this option, you will be able to see Train Running status online of that station.