Learn How to Approach Girls at the Bar with Our Simple Guide

Learn How to Approach Girls at the Bar with Our Simple Guide


A cafe or a restaurant is not the best place to approach women. As a rule, decent girls come there to meet with their friends, colleagues, or loved ones. A bar, on the other hand, is a slightly different concept, as you can use a wide variety of ways to attract attention to yourself there, and we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Where to start and how to win the girl’s attention

Once you enter the bar, don’t start picking up girls immediately; you need to look around first and get comfortable. This will help you cope with the sense of anxiety and correctly identify the potential “target” by filtering out ladies who are not ready for a chat. Those guys, who don’t go to the bar often, shouldn’t try picking up girls there: it’s pretty hard to make an acquaintance if you feel uncomfortable.

If you make friends with the bartender, he’ll help you meet someone and join the atmosphere of the place. This is also an additional factor that attracts girls’ attention. The guy who communicates freely with the bartender receives a positive assessment from the girl (at a subconscious level).He seems more interesting, communicative, active, and makes the impression of a regular guest.

Choose the moment and talk to the girl. If she came with her friends, and you’re alone, then it’s better to wait for the opportunity to talk face-to-face. If you came with friends, then it’s almost a win-win option –approach the girls’ company with friends. This way the communication will be much easier, more fun and more interesting.

What you need to do to pick up a girl at the bar

Simple words

Don’t talk to a lady you barely know, as if you’re old friends. Everythingrough that comesfrom your lips, women perceive three times rougher (that’s what women are all about, nothing can be done about it).

Have more cash

It will be extremely uncomfortable if you decide to buy her a drink and find out that you can’t pay for three Long Islands and a bottle of vodka. It will also be uncomfortable if you spend everything on drinks and leave nothing for a taxi (if shesuddenly decides to go with you).

Don’t overdo it

Placing your chair closer to hers, putting your hand on her back or shoulder – all this shows that you’re really interested in her. Don’t do this;stay calm. And don’t try to give your number. Take hers instead.

Pay attention to what she drinks

This one works best when picking up a Russian girl at the bar. Actually, you don’t even need to know what she drinks. Just order her a whiskey shot,and you’re all set. But this option won’t work if the girl holds an energy drink in her hands – such “cocktail” will be too strong. And one more thing: if the lady sits alone and drinks bourbon, then it’s better to leave her alone.

Make her laugh

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