What Is The Law Of Attraction | Discover How to Improve Your Life

What Is The Law Of Attraction | Discover How to Improve Your Life

Friends, you must have heard this dialogue of popular bollywood movie “Om Shanti Om”: “If you want something with heart, all the activities it starts to meet you” must have heard. This is called Law of Attraction in principle. This is the principle that says that your thinking becomes reality. Thoughts become things For example: If you think that you have a lot of money then you really have a lot of money, if you think that I will always keep winning in poverty, then it also becomes true.

Maybe weird to hear but it is a universal truth. A Universal Truth. That is, we can become whatever we want on our own thinking. And this is not a new discovery, God Buddha has also said, “Whatever we are, what we thought till today is the result of this thing. “Swami Vivekananda also said the same thing in these words:” We are those who have made us our thinking, so keep in mind what you think. The words are secondary. The thoughts remain, they travel far. ”

But it is very difficult to accept such a big deal so easily. There are several types of questions that can arise in your mind. And today at Mistyinfo.Com, we will try to find solutions to some similar questions.


What Is The Law Of Attraction | Discover How to Improve Your Life

The Law of Attraction or Theory of Attraction says that you attract something that you think about in your life. One of your strongest ideas is to get some way out of the way. But Law of Attraction gives rise to some of the questions whose answers are not easy. But I believe that the problem is not due to Attraction, but rather how to apply Law of Attraction to objective reality. .

Here are some such problematic questions (these are the generalizations of those questions which I have received by email)

What happens when people’s intention (intention, thinking, thinking, purpose) conflict, as if two people think of the same promotion, while the same place is empty?
Does the small children, or even the intentions of the animals work?
If a child is raped, does it mean that he had made such intentions?
If I want to do my relation good but my / my spouse does not pay attention to it, what will happen?

These questions weaken the likelihood of the law of attraction. Occasionally people who believe in Law of Attraction go a bit further to justify it. For Exapmle, he says that misdeeds with the child happened because he had thought about it in his previous birth. Brother, we can explain anything to such a thing, but in my eyes, it is a matter of redemption.

I have never been satisfied with the answers given to these questions by others, and if it is to believe in Law of Attraction then it is important to know the answers. Some books make an attempt to answer them, but they can not answer satisfactorily. But the correct answer can be found in the concept of subjective reality (person – integrity).

Subjective Reality is a belief system in which

(1) There is only one consciousness (consciousness)

 (2) You are the same consciousness,

 (3) Every thing, every single person who is in reality, is the result of your thinking.

Perhaps you will not be able to easily see but the subjective reality gives answer to all the tricky questions of Law of Attraction with great clarity. I explain …

There is only one consciousness in the subjective reality – your consciousness. Therefore, there is only one source of intentions in the entire universe – you Even though you see all the people coming in reality, talking, they all exist within your consciousness. You know that your dreams work the same way, but you do not realize that your waking reality is a kind of dream. That sounds just right because you believe that it is true.

Since any other person you meet is a part of your dream, no one other than you can have any intention. Only you are the intentions. You are the only person to think in the whole Universe.

It is important to define “you” in the subjective reality. “You” is not your body. “You” is not important to you. I am not saying that you are a conscious body who are roaming between the unconscious machines. This is exactly the opposite of the understanding of subjective reality. The correct viewpoint is that you are a lonely consciousness in which all reality is decreasing.

Imagine that you are dreaming. What are you really in that dream? Are you the one you are looking for yourself in a dream? No, not at all, that is the embodiment of your dream. You are a dreamer. The whole dream is in your consciousness. All the characters of the dream are the result of your thinking, including your own incarnation. Actually, if you learn lucid dreaming you can change your avatar in your dream itself. In Lucid dreaming you can do everything you can do that you are sure to do.

Physical reality works like this. This universe is somewhat dense compared to the universe of your dream, so here the change gradually happens. But this reality is also in line with your thoughts, just like your dreams are in line with your thinking. “You” are the dreamer in whose dream this is happening. meant to say; It is an illusion that more people have intentions, they are just the result of your thinking.

Of course, if you very strongly believe that there are others’ intentions, then you will make such a dream for yourself. But ultimately it is an illusion, it is an illusion.

So let’s see how Subjective Reality answers the difficult questions of Law of Attraction:

What happens when people’s intention (intention, thinking, thinking, purpose) conflict, as if two people think of the same promotion, while the same place is empty?

Since you are the only person whose intentions are, this is just an internal conflict – inside of you You are giving birth to the idea that both the people want the same position. But you are also thinking (intending) that only one person can get this position. .This means that you are intend competition. This whole situation is the creation of you only. You believe in competition, so the same decreases in your life.

Perhaps you have some beliefs (thoughts and intentions), who will get promotions, so your expectation will become reality. But maybe you believe that life is unfair, it is uncertain, so you can get some surprise because you are intending the same.

To be a lone intender in your reality puts a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. Thinking that the world is uncertain is unfair, etc., you can leave control of its reality, but you can not leave your responsibility. You are the only creativity of this Universe. If you think of war, poverty, disease, etc. you will have to see this. If you think of peace, love, happiness, then you will see all this happening in reality. Whenever you think about something, then they actually call upon that thought to appear in reality.

Does the small children, or even the intentions of the animals work?

No, even your body does not have any intention – only the intentions of your consciousness are there. You are alone who have intentions, so it is what you think for children or animals. If every thought is an intention, then you will think of them as well, in reality, they will be the same. Keep in mind that the beliefs are hierarchical, so if the reality of your belief is uncertain, uncontrollable is more powerful then it will suppress your other beliefs, in which you are less sure. The collection of all your ideas determines what you will see in reality.

If a child is raped, does it mean that he had made such intentions?

No . This means that you had intend like this. You intend to think about child abuse and to be in reality. The more you think about child abuse (or about anything else), you will see its expanse in reality. The one you think about is expanding, and that is not limited to you, but this happens in the whole universe.

If I want to do my relation good but my / my spouse does not pay attention to it, what will happen?

This is another example of intending conflict. You are doing an intention of your incarnation and one of your spouse, then the real intention that arises is conflict. So whatever you experience, based on your higher order, it is your conflict with your spouse. If your thoughts are conflicted then your reality will also be conflicted.

That is why taking responsibility for your thoughts is so important. If you want to see peace in the world then intend peace for everything in your reality. If you want to enjoy loving relationships then intend loving relationships for everyone. If you intend only for yourself and not for others, then it means that you are intending conflict, division, separation, and as a result you will experience this.

If you stop thinking about something, will it disappear? Yes, technically he will disappear But practically it is almost impossible to uncreate what you have created. You will focus on these issues and increase them. But when you are feeling truly 100% responsible for whatever you are experiencing in reality then you will have the power in which you can change your reality by changing your thoughts.

All this reality is made of you. Feel good about it Be grateful for the world’s richness. And then start building the reality with your decisions and intentions that you really want. Think about it that you want, and remove your focus from those who do not want you. The easiest and natural way to do this is to pay attention to your emotions. Thinking about your desires makes you happy and think about what you do not want to feel bad about.

When you notice that you are feeling bad, then understand that you are thinking about something you do not want. Take your focus back to what you want, your emotional state will improve rapidly. When you begin to do this again and again, you will also see a change in your physical reality, first slowly and later in a big way.

I am also the result of your consciousness. I do just as you expect me to. If you expect me to be a helpful guide, then I will be like that. If you expect me to be intimate and practical, then I will become like that. If you expect me to be confused and deceived, then I will become like that. But I am not such a “I” who is different from you. I’m just one of your creations. I am what you intend for me. And somewhere you already know this, why is it not?


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