{Latest 2018} 200+ Do Follow High Authority Forums Sites List

200+ Do Follow High Authority Forums Sites List

Friends, if you have a blogger then you will all know what the importance of backlinks to a blog. Backlinks only tell search engine how popular your blog is.

If your blog gets more backlinks than High PageRank [PR] site, then it can find top ranking in the search engine.

Any SEO expert or blogger is all saying that the dofollow backlinks can be found in the search engine rankings. It is also true to say to an extent that dofollow backlinks are very important because of SEO’s vision.

This does not mean that you can write anything at the place of content and give it to your visitor and you can find top ranking in the search engine.

If you have a top ranking in the search engine then the first thing is to write high quality content. If your content is not good then you will lose your traffic. what is forum submission

That’s why your first job will be to prepare a great content. And the second thing would be to promote it, then the number comes back to making the backlinks.

If you want to get dofollow backlinks, then the best way to do this is by posting the forum, you can get quality backlinks from the high PR website.

As soon as you increase your user base in these forums, this will give you backlinks as well as get traffic with it.

how to do forum submission

How to Register in Dofollow Forum?

  • First of all open the forum you want to register in.
  • Now register your email id.
  • Now one verfication email has come on your email id, first of all you have to open it and confirm your registration.
  • Now you can search threads by matching the topic of your blog and start disasculence in it.
  • From these forums, you can use the blog link as a signature, so traffic will come to your blog.

Dofollow forum posting sites list

High PR Dofollow Forum List

  1. Admin Zone
  2. AffiliateFix Forum
  3. Antionline
  4. Audacity forum
  5. Business Advice Forum
  6. Cheftalk forum
  7. Chronicle Forum
  8. Ck Editor
  9. CNET Forum
  10. Coding Forum
  11. Comic Book Resources
  12. Community Center
  13. Delphi forum
  14. DeviantArt
  15. Digital Point Forum
  16. dnforum
  17. EarningeMoney
  18. File Sharing Talk
  19. FileZilla Forum
  20. Free Website Templates
  21. GardenWeb
  22. Geek Village Forum
  23. Gentoo
  24. Hostgator Forum
  25. HTML Forum
  26. IDPF
  27. Irish Webmaster Forum
  28. Joomla Forum
  29. Microsoft Forum
  30. Miui Android Forum
  31. MyGame Builder Forum
  32. Mysql Forum
  33. NamePros
  34. Ozzu
  35. Photoshop designs
  36. PhpBB Forum
  37. SEOChat forum
  38. SEO Forum
  39. SEO Panel
  40. Simple Machines Community
  41. Site Point Forum
  42. SiteOwners Forum
  43. Squarespace Answers
  44. Submit Express
  45. Textpattern Forum
  46. Ubuntu forum
  47. V7nForum
  48. Videolan
  49. Warrior forum
  50. Web Hosting Talk
  51. WebMaster World Forum
  52. What is my IP
  53. Windows Forum
  54. XDA developers forum
  55. Yourkit


Forum Posting Tips

The forum offers two types of links. A signature link and the second post link, the signature link is in the user’s control panel. And which is posted manually in the post of long forum. That’s called a post link.

Each forum has its own rules and regulations. First of all, you must know the terms and conditions of that forum. Like some forum members facilitate signature links only after a few days have passed

While some members issue a number of posters on the basis of issuing signature links.
Never spam spam in any forum.

You are also a member of the forum. You can read all its rules and regulations thoroughly. And follow it.

Most of the post counting done under the introduction thread is not counted.



You always try to conservation in accordance with the rules of the forum. All the above mentioned platforms provide do follow backlink. If none of them gives do follow backlink then you must tell us exactly and also tell which of your favorite fonts are from them.


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