Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry | Online Train Status

Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry | Online Train Status

Friends, how do you see the train live status of people today? Is about to tell about. So far, you will only be sending all messages to the message whatsapp and sending you all for chatting. But from today you will learn the location of train by this.

Many times when we have to travel or do the train, we all want to know the current location of the train from Mobile.

But in such a way, we should have the railway software in the mobile, so that we can know the live status of the train. If you do not have a railway software then there is no need to be frustrated.


How to View Train Live Status

There are 3 ways to see the status of the train, from which you can locate the location of the train.


 Dail 139 –

If you do not have a smartphone then you can also find live train status by calling 139 on your normal phone.


National Train Enquery System.

The best and best way to know the live location of Train is, the site of the railway’s train location, named, National Train Enquery System.

From this website, you can easily get the train schedule, cancelled train, reschedeuled, diverted train out of the train easily.


How to find Live TRAIN Running status from Whatsapp?

Now you can also check Live Train Status from your popular mobile app whatsapp. Let’s tell you how to do this.

To see the train live status from whatsapp, first save a number 7349389104 in your contact. And keep that contact’s name live train status.

Now, send your train number to this saved number from your whatsapp, in a few seconds, the live status of the train will be on your mobile.


How to See Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry | Online Train Status from the National Train Enquery System?

First of all, you have to open this website.
Now, in the box of Enter train name / No, type the name or number of the train whose address or location is to be found.
After this you press the enter key. By doing so, you will find the exact location of that train’s location on your mobile or computer screen.


1-train schedule – Here you will find the train schedule tab, you can find the schedule of any train by this tab.

2-Train Cancelled – Through this tab you can get all the information about the canceled train.

3-Reschedule – Through this tab, you can get information about any trains that have been rescheduled.

4-diverted – With this tab you can get information about trains whose route has been changed.


How to know the train location? Or see the current status of the train on the map?

If you want to see the live status of a train on the measurement then you will get an IR Train Traker link button on this website.

As you click on it, you will go to a new page and you will find a Train No / Name on it.

The route and location of that train will be displayed on the map in the box on which the name of the train or name will be added.


Conclusion –

Traveling through the train is very cheap, so most of the people who travel are traveling from the train. Now it is very important to know what your train’s live location or status is.

How long will the train reach the station? To find out, you can find the online method whereby you can find the live location of any train.

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                 Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry | Online Train Status

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