What is keyword Stuffing | Keyword Stuffings Dangers for SEO

What is keyword Stuffing | Keyword Stuffings Dangers for SEO

If we are a blogger, or are thinking of starting our own blog then it becomes very important for our that we are aware of Keyword Stuffing. Because if we do not know about it, our blog’s posts will not be able to rank in the search engine, and we will not get organic traffic.

If we do not pay attention to this, our blog’s ranking will be ranked down rather than being high.


What is keyword Stuffing and  Keyword Stuffings Dangers for SEO

To get more traffic from search engine, almost all blogger SEO writes friendly content, and your article is ranked in search engine on a particular keyword.

But when the target keyword is used repeatedly so that the search engine bots only make the article written by you high rank it is called Keyword Stuffing.

This is a Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. This is used by many bloggers for Unfair Rank Advantage.


Keyword Stuffing example-

For example – what is blogging, how to blog, how to earn money from blogging, what is the best platform for blogging.

In this example, the word blogging has been used repeatedly. The word “blogging” has been used 4 times in 18 words. Which is more than 22 percent.

In this way, if a visitor comes to your blog using the keyword in your blog, then that post will be boring and they will leave it and leave.

When the search engine scans to index your blog post, then it will repeatedly read the same keyword, then it may not index your blog post, and the search engine penalize your blog.

While we can keep keyword density 2.5 in an article. If the above percentage should be above the look of SEO.


Where is the keyword Stuffing in the blog post?

If you are a blogger then it is very important for you to know where the keyword stuffing can be done, because if you want to avoid it, then you must know about it.
Well it is more in four places.

  1. Post title
  2. Post URL
  3. Post Content
  4. Post meta description


Post Title

The title of any article used to be used more frequently than the keyword is subject to it.


Post Content

If the keyword in the article is used too often it will be called stuffing. It also comes with post heading, internal, and external links.


Post meta description

If the keyword is repeat repeatedly in the meta tag or description, then it is also called spamming.


How To Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

Do not use keywords more than once in the post title.

Avoid repeated keywords in post URL Do not use more than once.

Whenever you write articles, then write it for your visitor, if you write an article for the search engine, then there will be no visitor on such an article, and the search engine will not even like it.

Do not keep keyword density greater than 2.5 in the article, if possible, keep it 1 to 2 percent. Due to the increase of density, stuffing or spamming begins.

If you are writing article on the keyword try to provide the information about it.
Make the post interesting rather than boring.


What’s the harm from Keyword Stuffing?

  • If you are thinking of ranking your post in search engine by keyword stuffing then you are wrong, instead of searching your article, you can disappear from search engine itself.
  • By using it more often your blog or website will be penalized, so that it will never be visible again in the search engine.
  • This makes the article boring, leaving the visitor leaving your blog, thereby
    Your blog’s bounce rate will also increase.
  • If you’re thinking of fooling google or any other search engine, then you are stupid yourself,
  • Do not mind the brothers, take a note in your mind that you are writing articles for the visitor, not the search engines.
  • If you look at keyword stuffing, you will not be able to write a great article.



Knowing about keyword stuffing Every blogger is new or old, it is important. Because if you want to make your career in blogging, then if I want you to avoid it and this kind of trick is better than a pawn that you write article by keeping the visitor in mind.

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