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Keyboard Function Keys | Keyboard Shortcuts | System Commands

Keyboard Function Keys | Keyboard Shortcuts | System Commands

All we do is use the computer, but do we all know what the use of the Function Key of the keyboard is, if not, let’s know what is the use of the key from F1 to F12



1- Use of F1 –

It is used to view the help of any software or computer


2- Use of F2-

Selecting a file or folder and pressing this button can rename the file


3- Use of F3-

When pressing F3 in the computer or any software, FIND or search option is opened so that we search for any file or word


4- Use of F4-

Using this button with Alt alt, the software is closed if it is done on Alt + F4 on the desktop, then the option of SHUTDOWN comes.


5 – Use of F5-

BROWSER or running Windows is used to make it REFRESH


6- Use of F6-

CURSOR arrives in the address bar when doing this KEY in the BROWSER


7- Use of F7-

This KEY is used to correct spelling in MS-OFFICE


8 – Use of F8-

The KEY is used when the computer starts, the BOOTING option is changed to PEN DRIVE or DVD


9-Use of F9-

This key is used to send emails in Microsoft Outlook


10-Use of F10-

This KEY is used to show or open the menu of the software


11-Use of F11-

This key is used to run BROWSER or other software in full screen mode


12- Use of F12 –

The use of this key in the Microsoft Office file is saved in Save As if the Ctrl + F12 is pressed, then the option to open the file opens.

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