How to keep your spark alive | keep the spark alive

How to keep your spark alive | keep the spark alive

Friends, today I am sharing a very inspirational speech with Mistyinfo.Com with you, famous writer Chetan Bhagat. He gave this speech to Symbiosis BBA Program 2008 students.

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                                        Chetan Bhagat Speech

How to keep your spark alive | keep the spark alive speech


Good morning everyone, thank you all for giving me a chance to speak here. These days are about you You, who have come to this college, in the comfort of your home and leaving difficulties in some cases, so that you can become something in life. I’m sure you are excited. There are few days in life when a person really is very happy. The first day of college is one of them.

When you were getting ready today, there would be a stir in your stomach. How will the auditorium be, how will teachers be, who will be my new classmates – so much to be curious … I call it excitement, that spark inside you that makes you feel completely alive. Today I have come to talk to you about burning this spark. In other words-

 How can we be happy if we do not always?

Where is the beginning of this spark?

I think we are born with it. There are millions of sparks in my 3 year old twins. They jump from a little spider-man’s bed watching the toy. Swinging in the park, they become thrilled. The excitement is filled up by listening to a story from father. Months before their birthdays, they start counting that the cake will be bitten on that day.

I look at students like you and I see some sparks in you. But when I see more big people, it is hard to see. This means, as our age increases, spark becomes less. Such people in which these sparks are completely eliminated, they become desperate, goeless and bitter. Jab We met the first half Kareena and Kareena of the second half, do not you? This is what the spark goes out.


So how to save this spark?

Imagine like a flame given to Spark. First of all, it needs to nurture-it needs constant fuel. Second, it needs to be protected from the typhoon.

To nurture, always aim. This person has the tendency to try, to bring improvement and to achieve what he can achieve best. Actually, it is called success. This is what is possible for you. This is not an external measurement – like a package given by company, no car or a house.

Most of us are from the middle-class family. For us, physical pleasures are indicators of success, and it is also right. When you grow up and money becomes necessary to meet the needs of everyday life, it is a great achievement to have financial freedom in such a way.

But this is not the purpose of life. If that happens then Mr. Ambani does not go to work. Shah Rukh Khan does not live at home and does not dance much. Steve Jobs also does not work hard to make good iPhone, because by selling Pixar he has already got billions of dollars. Why do they do that? What is it that takes them to work every day?

He does this because he gives them happiness. They do this because they make them feel alive. Improving your existing level gives you a good feeling. If you read hard then you can improve your rank. If you try to interact with people you will be good at the interview. If you practice, then your cricket will improve. Perhaps you also know that you can not become Tendulkar right now, but you can go to the next level. It is important to try to move to the next level.

Nature has designed us according to the combination of many genes and different circumstances. To be happy, we have to accept it, and nature should take the maximum benefit of this design. Goals will help you in doing this.

Do not just make career or educational goals for yourself. Make goals that give you a balanced and successful life. There is no point in getting promotion on the day of your break-up. There is no fun in running a car if you have pain in the back. If the brain is full of tension, what would be happy to do so?

You must have read some quotes – life is a tough race, it’s a marathon or something else. Not so, what I have seen till today –

Life is like a race in nursery schools in which you run the marble kept in a spoon in your mouth. If the marble falls, there is no sense to come first in the race.

It is with the same life where health and relationships are symbols of that marble. Your effort is only as long as it brings harmony in your life. Otherwise, you may succeed, but this spark, it will be excited and the feeling of being alive will start to die slowly!

One last thing about nurturing Spark – do not take life away from worry … .don’t take life seriously During one of my yoga teacher classes, I used to laugh at the students. A student asked if the time of yoga practice is not wasted due to these jokes? Then the teacher said – “Do not be serious be sincere.”

Since then this quote has define my work. Whether it is my writing, my job, my relationship or any other goal. I get opinions of thousands of people daily on my writings. There is a lot of admiration, much criticism. If I take all of these seriously, how will I write? Or, how will you live?

Life is not to be taken seriously, we are all temporary here. We are all like a pre-paid card with limited validity.

If we are lucky then we may be able to live for the next fifty years and live. And 50 years i.e. just 2500 weekends. Should we really dunk ourselves? Bunking some classes, doing less score in some papers, not getting some interviews, getting out of work, falling in love, having little fights from spouse … all right … we are all humans, not programmed devices!

I told you three things – do not take reasonable goals, balance and life very seriously – which will nurture spark.

But four big storms in life will try to quench your giving. It is very important to avoid them. These are disappointments, frustration, injustice and unfairness in life (loneliness of purpose.)

Frustration will happen when your efforts can not produce the results you want. When things are not according to your plan or when you fail. Handling the failure is very difficult, but the one who takes it turns out to be stronger. What did I learn from this failure? This question should be asked by yourself. You will feel very helpless, you want to leave everything as I wanted, when my first book was rejected by 9 publishers. Some IITians lose themselves due to low-grade, how big is this stupid? But it can be understood that the extent to which failure can hurt you.

But this is life. If challenges can always be overcome, then there will be no challenges to the challenges. And remember – if you are failing in something, then it means you are reaching your limits or abilities. And here you want to be. How to keep your spark alive | keep the spark alive

Disappointment is brother’s frustration, second hurricane. Have you ever been frustrate? This happens when things get stuck. This is particularly relevant in India. From the traffic jam to getting your worth job. Sometimes things take so much time that you will not realize that you have set the right goals for yourself.

After writing books, I made the goal of writing bollywood, I thought they needed writers. I think people are very lucky but it took me five years to get close to my first movie release.

Frustration ends excitement, and turns your energy into negativity, and makes you bitter. How do I deal with this?

Realistic guesses of the time taken. Even if it takes less time to watch a movie but it takes a lot of time to make it, instead of end-result, enjoying the process of reaching that result, I have at least a script-writing I was learning, and as a side-plan I had to write my third book and besides friends, eating and drinking, walking helps all to overcome the frustration.

Remember, do not take any thing seriously. Frustration, there is a hint somewhere that you are taking things very seriously.

Unfairness (injustice) – It is difficult to deal with this, but unfortunately, there is such a thing in our country. Those who have connections, they have big fathers, they have beautiful faces and pedigree, they are easily accessible not just in Bollywood but everywhere. And sometimes it’s just a matter of luck.

There are very few opportunities in India, so to be something, all the planets and constellations must be in the right position. The achievements in the short-term are not according to your merit and hard-work, but in long-term it will definitely be accordingly, things eventually work out. But understand that some people will be lucky to you.

Actually if you look at Indian standards, you have the opportunity to study in college, and having the ability to understand this speech in your language makes you quite lucky. We have to be thankful for what we have, and we have the power to accept what is not.

I get so much love from my readers that other writers can not think about it. But I do not get a literary appreciation. I do not look like Aishwarya Rai but I understand that both of my sons are more beautiful than them. It is OK. Do not let the unfairness extinguish the spark inside you. How to keep your spark alive | keep the spark alive

And the last thing that can eliminate your spark is Isolation (the state of being separated from others).

As you grow up, you realize that you are unique. When you are young, everyone looks good with ice-cream and spider-man. Even when you go to college, you are very much like your other friends. But after ten years you know that you are unique. Whatever you want, whatever you believe in, can be different from those closest to you. This may cause conflict because your goals do not match with others. And you probably drop some of them.

In college, being the captain of the Basketball, the other would be a little boy-so they quit playing the game. What he liked so much left him. They do this for their family. But Spark is finished in doing so. Never compromise such a thing. First love yourself, then others

I told you about the four thunderstorms – disappointment, frustration, unfairness and isolation. You can not avoid them, like the monsoon, they will continue to come in your life again and again. All you have to do is prepare your raincoat so that the spark does not get out in you.

I once again welcome you at the best time of your life. If someone gives me the option of going back in time then surely I would like to go back to college. I hope that even after ten years, your eyes will have the same shine as it is today, I hope that you will keep your spark not only in the college but also the next 2500 weekends. And I hope that not only you, but the entire country will keep this spark alive, because it needs more than any other moment in history.

And it would be so nice to say that – I keep up with the land of Billion Sparks.

Thank You


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