Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem

Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem

There are a lot of diet programs on the web offering different approaches to weight loss. So if you decided to get rid of your extra pounds, you have a wide choice of plans. But searching for the one that will suit your needs best is a tricky task. That’s why we’re doing the boring part of the job for you, comparing the two most popular diet systems – Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Let’s start with the first one.

Overall facts

Jenny Craig

This system was founded back in 1983, by diet expert Jenny Craig (hence the name) and was proved effective by thousands of people, including several celebrities. For almost 35 years, this program has remained a number one solution for weight loss, establishing 700 centers across the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries.


This program is even older, founded in 1972 by Harold Katz. Nutrisystem is a part of Shape Up, Inc. – a nationally recognized brand that offers a variety of diet products.


According to the Jenny Craig weight loss program, it’s three times more effective than homemade weight loss plans. Its effectiveness is based on the combination of physical activity, proper nutrition, and personal consultants’ support. The diet itself is focused on low-fat products that contain a lot of fiber and protein combined with exercises.

Nutrisystem guarantees that in the first month, members will lose 13 up to pounds and seven inches. Its diet is based on the combination of physical activity and foods with low glycemic index. But in contrast to Jenny Craig, this program doesn’t offer a personal consultant’s help.

Program’s options

Both programs provide a number of options for clients according to their lifestyle, age, health problems, and gender. They are also suitable for diabetics and vegetarians.

Jenny Craig’s options include different meal plans based on 100 food items available for purchase via stores and websites. The list of available meals doesn’t include fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as low-fat dairy products.

Nutrisystem options include a 4-week diet plan. Each week begins with different nutrition plans, aimed at helping members lose 13 pounds in one month. However, you shouldn’t expect to lose exactly the same amount of weight. According to the disclaimer on Nutrisystem website, customers lose on average 11.6 pounds and 8 inches in the first month.

As for the variety of products, Nutrisystem provides members with more than 150 foods containing no artificial sweeteners or flavors.


According to the study, conducted in 2015, both programs show themselves as almost equally effective ways to lose weight, but only if members stick to the plans.

During the period of 1 year, study participants, who were sticking to the Jenny Craig program, managed to lose up to 4.9 percent more weight than those, who were losing weight without a special program. However, Nutrisystem helped participants lose only 3.8 percent more weight compared to the control group. When it comes to short-term weight loss, both programs’ efficacy is relatively high.

Sum up

It’s possible to lose extra pounds using both programs if you are ready to accept the lifestyle and diet plans they offer. That is, if you decide to stick to Jenny Craig’s plan, you need to adopt a low-fat, high-fiber diet.

If we’re talking about Nutrisystem, you need to stick to a low glycemic index diet, limit the meal portions, and devote at least 30 minutes to moderate physical exercises a day.

Each of these two programs has its pros and cons. Nutrisystem offers more varied food options, while Jenny Craig is slightly more efficient and provides members with personal consultant’s advice.



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