What is an internal link on a website | Internal linking for SEO

                                    What is an internal link on a website | Internal linking for SEO


Friends, today we are going to tell you about internal linking, and internal linking has been done. You can make your page seo high by doing internal linking.

It means that if you want, you can get your blog post to the top of the search engine with the help of internal linking. This is a very important part of search engine optimization.

In today’s blog post, we are also going to tell you about the linking of internal linking, how to use it in your blog post so that it can increase your page authority too.


What is an internal link on a website And Internal linking for SEO

Text link of one page of one blog is found on another page of the same blog called internal linking. The best example of this is navigation of the blog. But we are not talking about linking this. We are talking about the text link used in content.

The biggest feature of these links is that they pass high authority passes from one page to another for search engine optimization. They show in the form of call to action, so that visitors often click on them, and send link visitors from one page to another. So that the visitor did not bounce, and remained on the blog.


Internal linking for SEO

1- At first we know that internal links can be used as said. So in response to this question, we have to say that it is best if you use it in your blog post.

2- When you prepare the content for your blog, write anchor text in it so that it tells the topic of any other page. Thus, when creating anchor text, the ranking increases in google search.

How to do search engine optimization (SEO) by using –internal linking

How to search engine optimization (SEO) now. You can use it as anchor text for any such page. Which tells the visitor about seo

3- If you are not getting any such sentance or keywords in your blog post, then you can give links to the second page under the related post in the last post.

4- If you want the visitor to click on your links, then you have to think like a blogger but not as a visitor. You have to find a strong keyword that visitors search more.
You can use the same keyword as anchor text.

5- If you are linking to multiple blog posts for the same blog post, then use different anchor links.


How many internal links should one page have?

6- Now a question here is how many links should be in one page. So the answer is that in a page, there should be 75 to 100 links in total by adding menu links and all other links. The more links you have, the more links will be the juice. This increases the page authority.

7- While engaging with internal linking, keep in mind that the links of the relates to that post should be added. If there is no related post then do not link to the post of another topic.

8- When you are linking, take special care to keep in mind that the url of those links is correct, otherwise the page becomes bad link or broken links. Which are not suitable for SEO.

9- According to my opinion, the old page should not be published until the internal linking is done in a new page.

➤ The best way to know the related content page from any one keyword is to google.com, by typing site: www.example.com “keyword” in google.com, you can see the list of those pages that you can see Can link in.



On your blog blogger or on wordpress, internal linking is very important on both platforms. This link works the same way as the backlinks of the website or blog, and the biggest thing is that it is easy to control them.

You can increase your blog’s page authority through internal linking. With this, you can also increase search ranking in google.


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