Some Interesting Facts About Google | Funny facts about Google

Some Interesting Facts About Google | Funny facts about Google


How are your friends all of you today, we have brought you some interesting google search query through which you can easily do many things without any software. Through these queries you can get calculator, temperature, weather information and so on. Is there.

We can not tell all the google queries here, but some of it is a query that is very useful for you. So let us tell you some excellent Google search by typing in Google, you see yourself, surprise results.


  1. By typing any calculation in Google, you can learn directly without calculator, as soon as you type 15 + 20 in Google, Google adds a calculator to the result by adding it to the result.


  1. In Google search, if you do a barrel roll, Google Search rotates 360 degrees.


3. If you type in askew in Google then Google search page is skewed.


4. Type zerg rush in google, oo falls on google search page and destroys search


  1. If Google types the answer to life the universe and everything in search, then it shows in the result 42 with a calculator and i hope you enjoy reading Some Interesting Facts About Google | Funny facts about Google


6. If you want to know the weather or temperature of a city or country then typing Temp city name like Temp Lucknow in Google, it will provide information about the weather in Lucknow.


7. If you type in I want to commit suicide in Google search, it will show a help number


8. If you type in Google search, it will show you a map of the universe.


  1. If you type bit byte in google, then the bit converter is opened where you can know how many bits of a byte or how many kilobytes are in the bit, the full scale of the complete bit byte is open only Gets it.
  2. If you type in currency converter on google, google comes with a currency converter which also shows the ongoing US Dollar pricing and if you want it can convert any other country’s currency too.

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