You are too intelligent | Latset Motivational Story

You are too intelligent | Latset Motivational Story

You must read the article “Incompleteness is essential for living … …” by Harsh Agarwal. The significance and popularity of this article can be summed up with the fact that within 15 days it became Mistyinfo.Com’s most educated article. And one more unsupported article written by them today, “You are also intellectual!” I am very happy to share with you.

You are also intelligent !!!!!!!

“That person is very intelligent” This sentence is what we say when we do anybody’s question. But most of us people understand the intelligent person who is very well written. Brings good marks in his academics and immediately resolves any problem given, but by thinking that way, we narrow down a very wide variety of intelligence. Parents are often embarrassed to take this fact that their child has come with a low score, and in all their strengths, he is able to explain to them that if there is something to do in this world then bring good marks, perhaps they do not know that such a By doing so, they are crying out from the emergence of a child of their child’s life which can be the real cause of his success. A child who is not able to clear any competitive exam but understands his parents’ feelings very well and adheres to their every command, will not you keep such a child in the category of intelligent people? Is a good singer intelligent No, the carpenter mechanic or shoe maker is not the intelligent, or the dancer, dancer? Can you do all this work? Perhaps you do not know that intelligence is also of many types like-

1) Linguistic Intelligence – It has the skill of language related to vocabulary or statements such as writers.

2) Logical -Mathematical Intelligence – It involves logic or related skills related to problems. Such as in mathematicians or scientists.

3) Spatial Intelligence – It has the ability to mentally change the figures, such as in pilots, painters.

4) Body -Kinesthetic Intelligence – It is related to body movements, such as in gymnasts or dancers.

5) Intrapersonal Intelligence – which has the ability to understand and monitor your emotions.

6) Interpersonal Intelligence – It has the ability to understand the needs and feelings of other people.

7) Naturalistic Intelligence – It is related to the ability to understand natural things. Such as zoologists, mountaineers etc. i hope you enjoy reading You are too intelligent | Latset Motivational Story

It would be worthless to think that the person doing good in his academics will live a good life in his future also. Many times it has also been seen that even after successful in their professional life, people fail in their personal life. Rather, the person who is far behind in studies can be very happy in his personal life and people also enjoy more with him.

There are many people who did not get very good marks in their school days, but today the whole world knows them because they did not leave their potential and pursue their dreams. Like World’s best cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, who had left his studies long ago.

great scientist Edison whose mother took him out of school for this because teachers called him slow learner, Charles Darwin Who does not know, whose own father and teachers used to think of them as a very average student and also have many celebrities who did not give importance to their grades or marks in their lives. real the ability to focus on your dreams.

Researches have proven that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) contributes only 20% in life’s successes, whereas EQ (Emotional Quotient) contributes 80%. Individuals who have EQ are more likely to manage their emotions and others’ emotions well and understand them. Such people are successful in their personal life and they are able to solve many problems of life very easily.

You are so intelligent, this often determines your society in which you live. As in the Western countries, technological intelligence is given more importance but in the Eastern countries integral intelligence (which makes good relations with everyone and most of the mill) is given importance.

God has equipped every person living in this world with some kind of intelligence described above. In every person, all aspects of intelligence are present but one type is more exposed. That is why there is no need to understand yourself less than anyone, because even seeing this will be a thrill of which your most exposed aspect of these types If it is necessary, then recognize it and recognize it. Any kind of intelligence will be as effective in making you successful in Kozhivin as some other type of

Then you are not wise than any other wise

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