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How To Increase Visitor Interactions on Your Website


Today this article We share How To Increase Visitor Interactions on Your Website. It is very important for a blogger to know the intraction of the visitor of his blog.

If you are a blogger, you must know that if the visitor’s interaction is detected, then you can find more CTR by placing your affiliate link or adsense ads in the same place.

If the visitor’s interaction is seen as video then you can make great improvements to your blog.
It will also show that why your blog’s visitor is leaving your blog.


Record the real visitor behavior

There are many online tools available to record the interaction of visitors of your blog as video. You can learn the interaction of the visitor by embed in your blog.

You can see from this that the visitors of your blog are clicking on the mouse and said no but not. With this you can change the user interface design of your blog by reading the visitor’s mind.

So that the visitor can stay on your blog for a long time and your bounce rate can be reduced. Now you might be thinking what this mouse recorder is like.


what is a mouse recorder

The mouse recorder is an online tool that lets you record the mouse action of a visitor to your blog or website as a video.

With this tool you can record the interaction of your visitor and the video of the mouse movement. Benefits of video interaction of visitor interaction

If a blog’s visitor interaction is found in video recording then it can take advantage of the following.


Reduce the bounce rate

If visitors come to your blog, look at your blog and leave it. If you do nothing on your blog then you can try to know those reasons from those videos. So that the visitor will do something on your blog and on that.

Many visitors go on because the thing they are searching for is not present on your blog, or they are not able to search it.

You can know the reason and remove it, which will reduce the blog’s bounce rate. If the visitor comes and nobody clicks, you can still see it and accordingly, you can change your blog post or blog.


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