How To Increase Blog Traffic | 7 Ways to Increase Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic | 7 Ways to Increase Traffic

Friends, today we are going to tell you 4 ways to increase the traffic of blogs, which if you join your daily routine then can not stop you from becoming a successful blogger. So how do I increase traffic to this article blog? How to increase traffic to your blog?

I have often heard from the blogger that it has been 2 months, has been 3 months and so far the Daily 100 page view is being done on the blog. Even after trying hard, the traffic is not increasing.

This problem comes in the beginning of almost every blogger. And many blogger traffic has stopped growing due to the increase of my blog. And become frustrated.

If you are in the same situation then you need a strategy, and that will surely increase your blog traffic and you will get your goals in the 1,000 Daily Pages view.

If you have already reached here, then you do not have to stop here, you can go ahead of it.

Just make sure to do 4 steps every day as per the plan and spend 2-3 hours every day (if you have more time then you can spend more time on each step in this ratio.)



Step 1- Killer Article (1 hour per day)

Your first step should be that you publish a very good and top article every week on your blog, which you can call you a killer article, if you have a shortage of time, then you have to kill such a killer article every 15 days. Must publish it.

Now you might be wondering how to write such an article, which will be called Killer Article. Actually Killer Article is a long and structured article. Which gives complete information about the topic to its visitor.

If you have a technology blog then you can write a long article on topics like technology who can change your life.

But for writing this type of article, take out at least 1 hour of daily time to find out the topic and prepare his outline.

Tips for writing a good article

First make a list of topics that you will write about.

  • You can write a detailed tutorial for your visitor. ——– How to do that.
  • You can write articles to solve any problem related to your blog topic.
  • On any such topic, you can write deep analysis on which people are only discussing.
  • When this type of article arrives on your blog or in 15 days, your blog will slowly spread among the people.


Step 2: Networking (30 minutes per day)

Networking is very important. You must get 30 minutes per day for this work. At this time you comment on other blogs related to your topic.

Contact other blogger on email, twitter etc. Talk to them.

Here you have to always keep one thing that your goal is to build real relationships, contact them because you respect your work and you feel that both of you can grow together.


Step 3: Blog Promotion (30 minutes per day)

  • Whenever you publish any of your articles, you must promote it on the search engine, social media.
  • Ask some friends to submit their article on social bookmarking site. And post on the wall of your friend.
  • Post your article on twitter, retweet.
  • Promote your article in the online forum, News Group.
  • You can create a pdf of your article and upload it to a different site.
  • If you spend some time, you spend it in social media marketing.


Step 4: Normal Posts (30 minutes per day)

Just as a man can not live alone by eating the only roti, so any blog can not only gain the trust of the killer article.

In the same way, it should also continue to publish the Normal Post on the remaining days of the week as well as read the lentils, vegetables etc. with bread.

If you publish your killer post monday then you should continue publishing the normal post from Tuesday to Friday.

  • Now you may be wondering what this normal post is like. Its giving some examples below.
  • Any pod of any other blog on which you give your opinion.
  • A post that will give news about the news related to your blog topic to the visitor.
  • A post that asks a question from your reader and also a reader on it.
  • A post that has a trick that can prove useful to your visitor.




Overall, it means that killer articles or special posts promote your blog. Which brings new visitors to your blog.

The Normal Post maintains the diversity of the content of your blog, so that the visitor’s interest will remain on your blog forever.


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