The Importance of First Aid | First Aid Accident & Emergency

The Importance of First Aid | First Aid Accident & Emergency

Whatever relief, treatment or treatment is done before a doctor or ambulance arrives for any illness, injury or accident, it is called First Aid. During the treatment, the collection of tools used in the treatment is called First Aid Kit.


 First Aid has 3 objectives: –

(1) Preserving life i.e. life conservation. The primary purpose of primary treatment is to protect the life of the patient / the sick / injured person.

(2) Preventing further damage which means preventing the situation from getting worse. For this, it is necessary to keep external and internal conditions under control. Therefore, externally, the patient / the injured should be taken away due to his or her suffering or the cause (especially in the case of accident / natural disaster) and internally to avoid the physical and mental condition of the person.

(3) Help in Promoting recovery. The ultimate objective of First Aid is to give the patient medicine and symptom to make him healthy and completely healthy.


Advantages of first aid

        At the beginning of first aid, 3 things are valued for checking patient / injured, which is briefly known as First Aid’s ABC.This is:

A – Airway. Airway is the first purpose of First Aid, which is related to the protection of life. To protect one’s life, it is necessary to determine that there is no barrier in its airways.

B-Breathing After checking the airways, it should be seen that the patient / injured person is in a state of consciousness and there is no problem in breathing.

C-Circulation In the end it is seen that the blood circulation of the patient / the injured is happening, for which the pulse rate is observed. The Importance of First Aid | First Aid Accident & Emergency

After checking ABC, 3 B’s Breathing, Bleeding, Bones are taken care of and then treated according to the condition.

Fractures, bone dislocation, poisoning, cuts and wounds, burns, bleeding, heat stroke, cold wave, choking, animal and insect bites, muscle strain, if the bone breaks / collapses, when the body becomes poisonous, On the cutting, the first aid is given on the cutting of an animal. It is very important to have a first aid kit to overcome such a condition, accident, sickness or emergency situation. In such a way, you have the first aid kit, you can get rid of that accident / illness immediately.

        What is the means to keep the first Aid Kit depends on the knowledge and experience of the person who uses it. Generally, the following supplies / equipment / tools are kept in the kit.

2-3 band of each size band (Aid)
cotton wool
Small scissors and tweezers
Plastic / rubber gloves
Gauze square
Antiseptic lotion like savlon or dettol
Safety pins
Surgical Tape
Antibacterial ointment
Sterile eyewash
ORS (oral rehydration salt) / electral / glucose powder
Aloe Vera gel

General medicines like headache, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, cold-cough, painkillers – calpol, avomine, paracetamol, aspirin, crocin. importance of first aid kit

Put all these materials in a clean, clean, strong and waterproof box. Make a red cross mark with red tape or color on First Aid Kit so that your kit can be easily identified by other items / dubs. doctor and ambulance. And in every six months, keep checking for the expiry date of the medicines and other items and keep changing as per the requirement.


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