How to get fit and healthy Steps (with Pictures)

How to get fit and healthy Steps (with Pictures) Any type of regular and physical activity can improve our fitness or our health. The most important thing is that we keep moving! Best Exercise should be a regular part of our day, like brushing your teeth and eating or sleeping. How to get fit and healthy Steps (with Pictures)


1. Developing the Right Mindset

Don’t approach this with the mindset that we can abandon the changes make as soon as you reach our ideal fitness goal and risk slipping into our bad habits again. Being fit should mean incorporating things into our life that we can eventually do by habit.


2. Keep track of your progress and be proud of minor improvements

It is a amazing idea to start a ‘fit journal’ so that we can keep track of when we work out, what we do, and for how long. We can also log what we eat each day.

3. Create a commitment contract with Our self. These contracts are otherwise known as a reward system. Set a goal for our self and then decide upon a reward for our self. Pick an item that really want or something that we really want to do.


4. Get someone else to get fit with you

It is much easier to reach our goals when we have someone to share the pain or the gain. Create a schedule that we can both commit to and keep each other on track.


5. Join extracurricular activities like playing sports!

Being with other people helps motivate you to keep going. For example, we’re doing track. our teammates motivate  to keep going (and possibly the fact we don’t want to be last), unlike when we’re at home on the treadmill by our self when we can easily press a button and we’re done.


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