How to Get a Tighter Butt In 5 Easy Steps

How to Get a Tighter Butt In 5 Easy Steps

Getting a tighter butt requires hard work or commitment, but it is an attainable goal if we put in the effort. Start with targeted exercises like squats and bridges or lunges. Add to our total exercise by taking the stairs whenever possible, joining an exercise class or going hiking. Focus on the condition of our skin or aim for a tighter butt by staying hydrated, eating collagen-boosting foods, and cutting down on salt.

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TO DO THE WORKOUT: Perform 20 to 30 reps of each exercise with your right leg, switching from one move to the next without rest between the exercises. Complete all five moves with your right leg, and then do the circuit again with your left leg. Repeat for a total of two rounds per leg.



1. The Squat


2. The Squat Hold and Pulse. 


3. The Bridge-Up.

4. The Bridge-Up With Leg Lifts. Take turns extending one leg at a time as you push up into bridge mode. Keep your extended leg as straight as possible for maximum toning.


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