How do I delete duplicate files on my computer

How do I delete duplicate files on my computer

Duplicate files are often due to viruses in our computer. These Duplicate Files are created due to viruses in our computer or PC. You will delete these files even then these files will come back again because it is caused by the trojan virus.

You will also search and delete them, even then these are not deleted. Because these files are created in your hard disk and the hard disk space is full. Today we will tell you how to delete duplicate files from the computer.


How do I delete duplicate files on my computer

Duplicate files can spill the space of our computer system and slow them down. These files come from a pen drive or an unnecessary virus coming from the Internet, which make the image or duplicate of any file in our computer.

To remove these duplicate files, you can follow the steps given by us and disconnect your computer from these files. They also work without further effort.


How to delete duplicate files from Computer / PC

In this guide given to us, we are going to use DupeGuru. It acts as the best duplicate files finder and remover for windows os. This software is also available for Mac and Linux.

If you do not want to use DupeGuru, you can use some great options like CCleaner, Duplicate Files Finder for Windows and Gemini for Mac.


Steps to Delete Duplicate Files from PC

First download DupeGuru on your PC or Laptop.

Now let’s install the software.

After you install the software, you will see the first screen which will be very simple.

To select duplicates, tap the plus icon to select folders.
To scan your entire hard drive and scan everything, select your full hard drive.

Now click on ‘Scan’ and DupeGuru will start doing its own work.

Depending on the size of folders you choose, you will have to wait some time.

Now at the end of the screen you will see a list of duplictae files.

Original files are marked in blue, with duplicate files below.
So tick the personal files or ‘Mark’ and ‘Mark’ to tick everyone at once
Select ‘All’ so that all the files can be deleted at a time.

By doing so, all of your duplicate files can be deleted at one time.

You can easily delete or remove duplicate files in the way we are told. Apart from this, if you want to find other information related to this post, then you should read other posts of our website.