Why Hookah is harmful, Hookah its dangerous, Hookah health effects

Why Hookah is harmful, Hookah its dangerous, Hookah health effects


Despite being a dangerous smoker, the hookah practice is growing fast in India. Especially young people can often be seen hugging the hookah several times a day.

Some people believe that smoking tobacco is not more harmful than smoking cigarettes. Such people say that tobacco is handled by hookah and it is not so much harmful.

But recent research suggests that hookah drinking is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

Fruit syrup is added to change the taste of hookah, which does not get any kind of vitamin. People feel that this flavor mixed with hookah is beneficial for health, whereas this is not always the case.

Apart from this, carcinogens are similar to cigarettes in hookah, which are likely to cause cancer. There is nicotine in hookah too, so people should stop believing that it can not be addicted. Hookah’s smoke also damages after cooling down.

It does not burn the lungs, but there are a number of cancer-causing agents in large quantities. Apart from this, the number of times you share the hookah pipe is the same as the risk of spread of diseases such as herpes.

Many people believe that the water filled with hookah filters the toxic elements from the smoke while it is not at all. There are 4000 types of hazardous chemicals in Tobacco present in Hookah.

The truth about hookah is that its smoke is more dangerous than cigarette smoke, but many people believe in its mythological notions and forget to believe that Hookah is beneficial.

Do you know how many diseases you are inviting from burning incense or incinerator everyday in your house? The smoke of cigarettes does not only make you sick, but if the fire is also a danger bell for your heart.


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Why Hookah is harmful and Hookah its dangerous or Hookah health effects