Health Conscious? Here are 10 foods you must avoid

Health Conscious? Here are 10 foods you must avoid:

If you are health conscious and worry constantly about how the food you are eating might secretly be harming your body, you need to read this list. Just remember, however, that most foods are okay if consumed in moderation. Gluttonous consumption can lead to problems, so eat healthy and stay fit.


9.Ice Cream




5.Potato Chips



2.Frozen Food

1.All Fried Foodstuff

While most of us know that fried food is bad for our health, we fail to realize just how harmful it can be for our health. Looking beyond the obvious fact that fried food is very very fattening, here are some facts which will shock you. When food is fried at high temperatures, it produces oxidants which may cause cancer. Research has discovered another substance ‘acrylamide’ in fried food which causes cancer. Fried food also leads to clogging of arteries which can result in heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s. Most fried foods also contain MSG or toxic salts. The toxins released by fried food are as dangerous as trans fats. Also, fried foods don’t break down properly in the body and may remain in the kidneys, liver, intestines and colon for long periods of time. The health hazards are almost too many to put down. Next time you’re craving those crispy, golden French fries, do yourself a favour and opt for a healthier option.

The convenience that frozen food affords is unmatched. It saves time and energy and is delicious besides. The flipside, however, is that frozen food products are also harmful to health. Most products have very little value in terms of nutrition, with the vegetable content being negligible. Frozen food products are also packed with preservatives, which mean a lot many chemicals in your food. One such commonly used preservative is butylated hydroxytoulene (BHA) which has been shown to cause tumors in animals. Salt is also used abundantly to increase the shelf life of frozen foods. For example, just one ham sandwich can contain up to 2300 mg of salt. Moreover, such foods undergo rigorous processing in labs to make them last longer. Such processing techniques include using extremely high or extremely low temperatures, canning, structural changes in food etc, which can leave the food products completely devoid of any nutrients since the food is not fresh.

Health Conscious? Here are 10 foods you must avoid

Health Conscious? Here are 10 foods you must avoid

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