The art of living life is yoga | Health Benefits of Yoga


Friends, there are many moments in today’s fast pace life that break our speed. There are so many reasons surrounding us which give rise to tension, fatigue and irritability, which makes our lives unsettled. In such a way, to maintain a healthy and energetic life, yoga is such a panacea that keeps the mind healthy and the body fit. By yoga, the speed of life gets a musical momentum.

Yoga is the oldest identity of our culture. The world’s first book, Rig Veda, is mentioned in many places about compound actions. After Lord Shankar, Yoga is considered to be the beginning of Yogis. Later Krishna, Mahavir and Buddha expanded it in their own way. After this Patanjali made it systematic.

Yoga is a straightforward science beyond religion, belief and superstition … an art of living life is yoga. The word yoga has two meanings and both are important.


The first is – Junk and second is the Samadhi.

As long as we do not join ourselves, it will be difficult to reach Samadhi, that means to be healthy, tan, mind, and soul are necessary to flush on the mausoleum of success in life, and this path can be even easier, if we do yoga Be a part of life. Yoga does not teach to believe and neither doubters nor yoga is against the state of doubt between faith and doubt. Yoga says that you have the ability to know, use it.

Yoga is to maintain equality in the world of suffering, profit and loss, enemy-friend, cold and heat.

Mahatma Gandhi has behaved in an unconquerable yoga. Authentic depiction of yoga practiced around 3000 BC The Indus Valley is found in the stairs and idols of the time of civilization. The authentic treatise of yoga is ‘yoga sutra’ 200 B.C. The first systematic treatise written on yoga.

The art of living life is yoga | Health Benefits of Yoga


According to Osho, ‘Yoga is a straightforward experimental science beyond religion, belief and superstitions. Yoga is the art of living life. Yoga is a complete medical practice. There is a complete route- Rajpath. In fact, religion binds people to the yoke and yoga tells the path of salvation from all kinds of drums.

Yoga for ancient life system can make our life healthy and happy in today’s environment. In today’s polluted environment, yoga is such a medication that has no side effect, but many postures of yoga like, that breathing normalizes high blood pressure.

Sanjivani for life is Kampalabhati Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama makes peace of mind, Vakrasan protects us from many diseases.


The art of living life is yoga | Health Benefits of Yoga

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Today, working around sitting in front of him every day in the computer world has become a common practice for many people due to lower backache and neck pain, in such cases, Salbasanan and Tansana gives us relief from painkillers.

Pavan Muktasan removes the problem of gas from the stomach according to its name. Removes the problem of arthritis by removing the spinal cord. There are many such asanas in the yoga that many diseases are eliminated due to adoption in life and the effect of dangerous diseases also decreases.

If you use only a few minutes out of 24 hours in yoga, then we can keep our health tight. Yoga also gives us positive emotion as well as fit. Yoga leads to the development of disease resistance in the body.

It will not be said that yoga is necessary for us in every way. It is beneficial for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Through Yoga, the experience of spiritual satisfaction, peace and energized consciousness is attained,

From which our life gets stress free and progress with positive energy every day. Today the world is adopting the yoga tradition of our country. As a result, for the celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21, 177 countries passed the resolution held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the United States in very limited time.

First International Yoga Day is being celebrated on June 21, 2015 with great enthusiasm throughout the world.

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