1. ALU =Arithmetic Logic Unit


  1. RAM =Random Access Memory
  2. ROM= Read Only Memory
  3. S’RAM =Static Ram
  4. D’RAM= Dynamic Ram
  5. VDU =Visual Display Unit
  6. DOS= Disk Operating System
  7. CPU =Central Processing Unit
  8. UPS=
  9. LCD =Liquid Crystal Display
  10. CD =Compact Disk
  11. PC =Personal Computer
  12. MU =Memory Unit
  13. OS =Operating System
  14. LAN =Large Area Network
  15. WAN =Wide area Network
  16. MAN =Metropolition Area Network


  1. ATM =Automatic Teller Machine
  2. CDR =CD Recordable
  3. VAN =Value Added Network
  4. IBM = international Business Machine
  5. MTNL =Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
  6. E- MAIL= Electronic Mail
  7. E-ROM =Erasable ROM
  8. P- ROM= Programable ROM


  1. EP-ROM =Erasable Programable ROM
  2. EEP= ROM Electronic Erasable Programable ROM
  3. ISO =International Standard Organization
  4. CU =Control Unit






  1. IP =Internet Protocol
  2. IGMP  = Internet Group Management Protocol
  3. TCP= Transmission Control Protocol
  4. ARPA NET =Advanced Research Project Agency network
  5. NSF NET =National Science Foundation
  6. ISP =Internet Service Provider
  7. URL =Uniform Resources Locator
  8. E-MAIL= Electronic Mail
  9. FTP= File Transfer Protocol
  10. WWW =World Wide Web
  11. IIS =Internet Information Server
  12. CBMS= Computer Based Message System
  13. HTTP =Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  14. LAN =Local Area Network
  1. WAN =Wide Area Network
  2. CEO =Chief Executive Officers
  3. DOD =Department Of Defense
  4. DHSP =Domain Name System
  5. SMTP =Simple Network Management Protocol
  6. UDP =User Datagram Protocol
  7. ARP =Address Resolution Protocol
  8. ICMP= Internet Control Message Protocol
  9. ISDN =Integrated Service Digital Network
  10. ATM= Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  11. ISOC  = Internet
  12. IAB =Internet Architecture Board
  13. RARP= Reserve Address Resolution protocol
  14. IETF =Internet Engineering Task Force
  15. BOOTP= Boot Program
  16. HLEN =Header Length
  17. NIC =Network Interface Cards
  18. SLIP =Serial Line Internet Protocol
  19. PPP =Point to Point Protocol
  20. LCP  =   Link Control Protocol
  21. IPX =Inter network Packet Protocol
  22. NCP =Network Control Protocol
  23. PAP =Password Authentication Protocol
  24. LHAP =   Challenge Handshake Authentication
  1. POTS =Plain Old Telephone Service


  1. IEEE =Institute of Electronic and Electric Engineers
  1. CSMA= Career Sense Multiple Access
  2. AUI =Attached User Interface
  3. FDDI =Fiber Distributed Data Interface


  1. PBX =Private Branch Exchange
  2. TDM =Time Division Multiplexing
  3. PSTN =Public switched telephone Network
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