How to follow your dreams | Your Parents Vs. Your Dreams

How to follow your dreams | Your Parents Vs. Your Dreams

                                 Your Parents Vs. Your Dreams

The title of this article may seem a bit upsetting to you. Because the person usually completes big dreams with big degrees, dreams of becoming a Doctor with an MBBS degree, then a dream of becoming an engineer with an engineering degree, and I am talking about breaking dreams by these !!

My question is, are you who you are today, have you dreamed of becoming it or were you forcefully shown that dream?

Often parents expect that their children become Engineer / Doctor. And this thing is so much in the child’s mind that it is his dream. In this process, many children really make that dream their own and do great things in this field. But the problem comes when when you are mature, your dreams begin to take birth … Such a dream of that There is no direct result from studies written. For example: Baida, who works in a good IT company after studying Computer Engineering, can dream of opening his restaurant, someone can think of doing an MBA and working in any NGO instead of working in a multinational company; Instead of operating in the hospital, you can see the dream of becoming an artist.

But most people can not take such steps because their degree comes to them, they may have such thoughts in their minds:

“I am engineering, I am doing a good job, now leave this field and start the restaurant, what will people say?”

“If I talk to someone about becoming an artist then people will think of me as mad. There is so much money in my studies … It has been so long … It’s not possible to change my profession. ”

And those people themselves understand that whatever happens is good, it was written in my destiny … etc.

Why do most people compromise with circumstances?

Because it is easy to do … it does not have to be borne by any risk, it does not have to come out of the comfort zone …, it does not have the courage to do so, and at the same time you remain a normal person in the eyes of the world.

If you are not in most of those people then it is very good, after listening to the voice of your heart, you are really doing good for yourself and for the society.And if you are from those who are suppressing the voice of your heart then you would think!!!!

How long will you keep taking false future decisions just to justify your past decisions? What kind of work can you do instead of freeing you? And it is not that your previous knowledge in the new work that you are thinking of doing will not work at all. Even if you can not use it directly, but the development of your brain in achieving any higher education and your outlook broad will help you in every single work.

You can be alive alive by putting someone else’s mask on your face, but you can not wait to live a fulfilling life. You must choose the work of your mind. Just like Harsha Bhogle, IIM Ahmedabad has done an MBA. After working for a few years in the corporate world, he did not stop himself from listening to his heart and became a well-known cricket commentator. Chetan Bhagat is also a writer after studying with IIT and IIM. Samir Soni, University of California, Economics from Los Angeles. After studying as an Investment Banker used to work, today he is touching new heights in the world of acting.


How to follow your dreams

And you will remember Farhaan (Madhavan) of 3 Idiots bollywood movie. He did the engineering while fulfilling his father’s wishes but Rancho’s motivation finally gave him the courage to work his heart and he became a renowned wildlife photographer.

Even in this real life, your parents are most happy when you are most pleased with yourself. And you can really be happy and satisfied only when you hear your heart.

Friends, when you really want something with full power, Law of Attraction takes up your work, even though no one will accompany you in the beginning, but if you are determined, then gradually people will start to support you, You start coming, which you never thought about.

Dreaming and realizing it does not just give you inner satisfaction but it is also a financially long-term decision. All the examples I have taken up, all of them probably do not reduce the money by doing a job as they are earning while doing their own heart.

If you are also trapped in a trap and you are carrying the burden of your degree then throw off that burden, remember the words of friends, Steve Jobs:

“Your time is limited, so do not waste it on someone else’s life. Do not think of useless, do not drive your life according to others. Do not drown your inner voice in the noise of other thoughts, do not let your intuition drown.

Your work will be a big part of your life, and the only way to be truly-satisfied is to do what you really think is a big job. And the only way to do great work is to do what you enjoy doing. ”

Hopefully these things will inspire you to hear your heart like me too.

All the best! May all your dreams come true


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