How To Find Who Read Your Message In WhatsApp

How To Find Who Read Your Message In WhatsApp

Whatsapp Message is very popular in today’s era; It is being used for messaging through large companies other than today’s youth category. In this we also make the group and make the message.

But when we read the message, the message sender gets to know that the message sent to him has been read.

But today we will tell how the sender of the message to the reader does not know whether the message has been read or sent a message to the group, who knows how the group member of that group has read your message.

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When you send messages to Whatsapp –

If there is a single tick then the message is on the server. Your Fred’s mobile data connection or Wi-Fi is off or the mobile is turned off.

If the double is tick then the message is running on your Fred’s mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, and the message has reached its mobile.

If the double is tick and its color is blue, then the message has reached your Fred’s mobile, and your friend has read it.


Who has read the message sent to the group?

When any message is sent to any group then no tick above is seen in the mark. So it is difficult to know who has read your message. So let’s talk about how to know what kind of message the message was sent to the group

Open whatsapp
Open any group chat and keep the messages sent by you till the message is kept until the message sent is blue. When the message is blue, i will look at the menu above.

As soon as touching on it, a list of people who read the message sent to you in the Reed by section will appear.

Reading message message without warning notified message message

If you send a message and you want to read that message and do not even have a blue tick in the sender’s chat, we are telling you some tricks-

Open Whatsapp and go to Settings menu
Tap on the account. And open up privacy.
Untick read riciept


Read the message from the notification bar

Whenever a message arrives, it appears in the notification bar of the mobile, if you read it from here, the sender will not be able to find it and will not even see the blue tick in his mobile.
Setting the Whatsapp widget to the Home screen.

If you set the Hawatsup widget on the Home screen then whatever message will come, all you will see without opening the windships, and the sender will not even know, and the sender will feel that you will not be able to read the message to him.

To add the Hoots up widget to the Home screen, touch and hold on the empty space of the home screen, now tap on the widget from the options. Now all the widgets in your mobile are visible, here you go on the hoots up widget. Will be set on screen.

Turn off Wi-Fi or data connection

If you close your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection before viewing the incoming messages in WhatsApp. After reading the message, after reading the message, close your switches and turn on your data connection or WiFi.

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