Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train)

Time is most precious thing we have, once gone it never comes back again. To save it, humans made are many revolutionary discoveries and/or invented many gadgets or machines. Traveling was made an easy to save time. It helped us and/or still helping to accomodate with better opportunities. From bullock carts to horses and then cycles to motor cycles and/or now high speed cars and they all have had a great impact in our lives. Now, without the means of transport, with distances to big,or it’s imperative for people to seek the refuge to their respective vehicles to reach destination of their will within given time.

Aeroplanes,or trains and/or buses too came into existence for the same reason to savage moments and which result in elongating your life sans them from being wasted. Ships and/or boats also were designed to shorten the trips or distances. They even advanced into being the fastest 1. Ocean to oceans and humans have made it possible.

Luxury yatchs and/or ships have been tililating people since many decades. They accomplish the fast moving with all facilities. Though,very expensive, but he worth the money. Bullet train ia again 1 machine of transportation, which is 2nd fastest means of travel in the world after planes.

India(BHARAT) with the help of Japan will get its 1st bullet train between the pathway of Mumbai TO Ahamdabad. For the same, prime minister of Japan has lend his support and/or signed an agreement
with India. As per that,and they will be providing India a loan of whooping Rs 98100 crore inheriting the technology of making. The work for the same will kick off from year 2017. This
way our country too would become amongst a few nations boasting of such machinery.

Here are the Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train) taking even aeroplanes :-


10. THSR 700T

Harmony A

This is a high speed bullet train belongs to Taiwan. The train was manufactured by Japan in 2007 and/or was made to run between Taipei or Kosyung. It runs at a speed of 312 km/hr and/or has curtailed a big time consuming journey to mere 92 minutes. It has made a huge difference for the folks travelling 1 place to another lieng between
the above mentioned cities. It takes almost 4:35 hours otherwise when traveled through a car.

This high speed train is a collaborative effort by companies like Kawasaki, Hitachi, and/or Nippon Sharayo . 30 Trains were manufactured under the pact and/or $ 3.5 billion was spent for the project. The best part of the train is that it takes mere 14 minutes to touch its top speed.


9. ETR 500 Frecciarossa

ETR Frecciarossa Train

This train has a potential to run 61 km/hr faster than THSR 700 T of Taiwan, but usually it travels with 300km/hr. For the 1st time it was run between Rome – Milan, covering a route of 465 Km in a record timf or 2 hours 45 minutes. Since then, 28 such trains commute on this pathway daily. These trains are well developed keeping in mind all the luxuries with climate control,or sound insulation and/or argonomic seats.

It makes the travel even more better for commuters. The trains posess four special cabins in them; Standard Class and Platinum Class or Business Class or Executive Class. All the cabins are sound proof and/or are coupled with facility of free wi-fi. I Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train)


8. TGV Double Decker

TGV Double Decker

This train is operated by SNCF railway company. The trains were manufactured between the time period of 1996-2004. The train came on the track in the year 2011.

The train runs with a maximum speed of 300-315 km. At a time almost 507 passengers can travel through it, by sitting on upper and lower birth. For the time being, and these high speed trains are running at 235 places in France. Precisely,and they commute between Paris and Masiley.


7. Alstom Euroduplex

Alstom Euroduplex
This is a big bullet train to begin with. At a time 1025 people can travel to their desired destination by placing themselves into this mammoth traveling machine.

It commutes countries to countries, and which is why the reason or so many passengers travel by it. This bullet train takes people to many Europian countries like France, Switzerland Luxemburg and/or Germany. This is the 3rd upgraded version of TGV double decker.

It is operated by NSCF or run with similar speed as it’s predecessor. 1 can acknowledge the time and/or distance through skin attached with its cabin. I Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train)


6. Shinkasen Hayabusa

Shinkasen Hayabusa

This E5 series train is first of the fastest trains in Japan currently. In Japanese Shinkasen means bullet train. During the trial of the train meted out whopping speed of 402km/pr. However, it runs with a speed of 312km/hr on theline of Tohoko Shinkasen. This is a product by Hitachi and Kawasaki Heavy Industry. The front part of the train
is made in aerodynamic design and which helps it in a better run or gives extra leverage above other trains in the world. It’s 14 meter long.

To prevent any sort of jerk during travel, and bogeys of the train are constructed in plain form. Air spring has been used in it which devoid any jolt occured due to the pressure exerted by air while moving. The best part about the train is it’s kind of a risk free. It has an automatic system and which takes resposnibility during any mistake committed by the driver and/or hence lowers down any possibility of accident.


5. Talgo 350


This train travels in Spain between the pathway of Madrid-Barcelona lines. 45 such trains are lending their services in the country. The front look of the trains resemble of some duck’s beak and quite long. Top speed of the train is 355km/hr. Such trains boast of two driving cabin and/or 12 passenger cabins.

The afore part of the train is designed to handle the air pressure. It offers 4 kinds of seating facilities, namely; club class,and bistro class, 1st class and coach class. Each seat of the train has a audio-video screen that makes traveling
more fun or enriching. One can catch the real time information by looking at the screen attached to cabins’ doors and/or seats. I Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train)


4. Siemens Velaro AVS 103

Siemens Velaro E AVS
This is currently first of the fastest running bullet trains in the world. Maximum speed of the train is 403.6km/hr, but taking up the cautious measures it is run at 355 km/hr.
The train which dwells between Barcelona-Madrid was ordered by Spanish railway network in the year 2011. It takes mere 2:35 hours to cover a distance of 505 km. It has 9 passenger cabins in which 405 people can travel at a time.


3. AGV Italo

AGV Italo
This tain broke all the records of speed by travelling at an unprecendented motion of 573km/hr during the trial in 2007. For now, it travels with a speed of 365 km/hr. It was manufactured by French company Alstom. The train run in the pathway of Napoli-Roma-friange-Bologra and Milano. In the year 2008, NTV company of Italy bought 25 AGV trains for Euro 655 million.

The distance of Napoli-Rome is 189.6 km, which takes mere or even less than and/or hour to complete for this train. The best part about the train is that it is made up of such material, that its 97 percent can be recycled, making it accomodating for our environment. I Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World (Fastest Train)


2. Harmony 380 A

Harmony A

This is the 2nd fastest train in the world which and/or it runs in China. During the trial it created a record by running at a speed of 416.7 km/hr. CRH 381 A for the 1st time was operated in the year 2010. This train dwells between 2 of the biggest cities of China, Shanghai and/or Beijing. The train is manufactured by CSR Locomotive and Rolling Stock companies.

It is made up of light weight aluminium metal. It’s front part looks like a fish. 496 passengers can travel trhough it with the vibration free technology it inherits. Each passenger can avail the facilities of reading lamp, power port and/or electronic display.


1. Shanghai Maglev

Shanghai Maglev
This is the world’s most fastest train. A revolution in itself. Magnifying the reaal meaning of bullet. It’s maximum speed is 435 km/hr and average speed is 255km/hr. The train opened for public use in the year 2004. The train is operated by Shanghai Maglev Development Co-operation.

This was manufactured by Taisen and/or Siemens. At a time 574 passengers can travel throug it. But the price of ticket is matter of concern for many which ranges from $ 9 to $ 18.

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