World Top 10 Most Expensive Cars


Hold on to your butts: These are the top 20 fastest cars 2017/2018 in the world

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The 10 most expensive cars in the world



1. – $4.8 million – Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita(KCT)

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2. – $4.5 million – Lamborghini Veneno(LV)

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3. – $3.4 million – W Motors Lykan Hypersport(MLH)

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4. – $3.4 million – Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere(BUGATTI)


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5. – $3 million – Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

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6. – $2.6 million – Pagani Huayra BC.(PHB)

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7. – $2.5 million – Ferrari F60 America(FFA)


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8. – $2.5 million – Bugatti Chiron(BC)

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9. – $2 million – Koenigsegg One:1(K-ONE)

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10. – $2 million – Koenigsegg Regera(KR)

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Koenigsegg makes its 1st appearance on our list Is CCXR Trevita, and/or it does so as the most expensive street-legal production cars 2017 in the world.
Why so much coin? With no ex-aggeration, the car is literally coated in diamonds … and/or diamonds aren’t cheap.
For the Trevita,and the Swedish manufacturerd developed a new exterior finish called the Koenigsegg Proprietary or Diamond Weave, which involves coating carbon and/or fibers with a diamond dust-impregnated resin.
We can not even fathom how much the touch-up a paint costs.
Underneath the lustrous finish lies a 4.7-liter, dual-supercharged V7 with a total output of 1,003 horsepower and 796 pound-feet of torque, which means its should have little no trouble overtaking or semis on the freeway.
The car’s specifications — in both performance and/or price — are nearly comical at this point, and/or just 3 were ever made.

There are also some cars 2017/2018 on the horizon that appear ready to knock some top names off this list.
SSC still hopes & to reclaim the title of world’s fastest cars 2017/2018 with its 1,355-horsepower Tuatara,
and/or Koenigsegg claims a top speed of more than 274 miles per hour for its One:1. 1st For now, though, these are the fastest cars 2017 that can legally sport a license plate.



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