What is event blogging? | How Make Money From Event Blogging

What is event blogging? | How Make Money From Event Blogging

You might be wondering what is event blogging? You know all the blogging, and all of you know that money is also earned from the website. But it does not necessarily mean that traffic to your web is high. And if there is no traffic then there will be no earning too.

But Event Blogging is a way you can do a lot of good in less time by adopting it and you can also advertise your website by bringing traffic to your blog, which will also increase the traffic of your website.

As far as earning it, the more you earn your website in Two month, you will earn in 3 to 6 days with Event Blogging.


What is Event Blogging?

When you create a blog by targeting an event, upcoming festival, special day, then the blog event blog and this type of blogging is called Event Blogging.

Actually in Event Blogging, you have to create a website or blog at any event. This blog is created before that event, and its SEO is fully prepared by tax.

Now that blog is well-stocked on social media, people should know about that blog and people come to your blog on that particular day.


How to Start Event Blogging?

  • How to select or select an event for event blogging?
  • Topics related to keyword research
  • Domain according to topic
  • blog setup
  • How to earn money from blogging events?
  • Promoting and Share for More Traffic


Full blogging event information

Let’s now understand all the topics of blogging in detail.


How to an event for event blogging?

You can create blogs for event blogging on a particular festival, day or any other subject matter. like.

1- Special festivals– If you want to blog on an event in a country like India, you can blogging events on them as easily as you can with any festival.
You can blog on the event like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Holi etc.

2- Sport – You can do it easily in the field of sports like Cricket, IPL, Big Boss, KBC etc.

3- New launch – Even if a gadget is launched, you can earn money by making a blog already for its launch day but by bringing traffic to it.




Topics related to keyword research of Event Blogging

If you want to earn money from this type of blogging, then you should research the keyword related to the upcoming event. And follow these 30 or 40 articles SEO rules on those keywords.
For example, if you are thinking about event blogging on Diwali, then this time there should be an idea of what people search for in the search engine Like.

  • deepawali wishes
  • happy diwali wishes
  • Diwali Gift for parents
  • dipawali gift for workes
  • special dowali offer – 35% discount
  • happy new year wishes and greetings


Now on these keywords, you need to write an article, at least 1000 words in all these articles.


How to buy a domain according to the Blog Event Topic?

Incorrect event blogging is done on a particular event, so whenever you buy a domain, pay special attention to that domain that is from that particular event. What is a Domain Name?

For example, if you are planning blogging for event Diwali, then you have to book this type of domain as well. So that your event blog’s ranking is quick.

If you are thinking of blogging an event on Diwali wishes then your domain can be Diwaliwishes.com, Diwaliwishes.in


How to setup a blog for an Event blogging?

Now you have to setup your blog. You can choose any one WordPress or blog-spot.

If you ask me on whom you want to set up your blog, then I will ask you to select blogspot only.

Because it’s free, it’s safe. And you can make this blog very soon.
As soon as your blog is created, you have to do the first thing to do it, upload the theme related to that event to the blog, or if you can design the theme then make it yourself.
And upload the article you’ve already written through the keyword research.


Promoting and Share for More Traffic

You do not have much time in event blogging. It’s 30 to 40 days, so to get more traffic to your blog, share your blog as much as you can.

You can use social media to share. And through this you can promote your blog free of charge.


How to earn money from Event blogging?

If you are a blogger then this work is not difficult for you. You can earn money from many ways from event blogging. like

  1. google adsense
  2. chitika
  3. Media.net
  4. infolinks
  5. affiliated marketing

you can make money by taking approval from adsense.
But for your media.net, your blog should be 3 months old. There is no such rule for chitika.
All these events can earn more money than affiliated marketing, because people give more gift to their people on this day.
And this is the time when you can make good money through affiliated marketing from your event blogging.


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