How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog | Use Free SSL Certificate

How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog | Use Free SSL Certificate

If your blog is on a blogger or blogspot, then you have google enabled the free ssl HTTPS certificate for the logo.
From the year of june 2018, google will start showing the blog or website that does not have an HTTPS ssl certificate in its product chrome browser.

Perhaps for this reason also the user who is using google blogger is providing the facility of ssl certificate in free.
So that the blogspot plateform user can not see the blog not written securely. Let’s now know how to enable ssl certificate on the custom domain of the blogspot blog.


How to enable ssl certificate on blogspot custom domain

If your blog is also on a blogspot or blogger, then you must also enable HTTPS ssl for your blog.

Enabling HTTPS will definitely require a little bit of the speed of the blog, but the benefit of the SSL certificate will be the ranking of the search engine, and the Alexa rank. And both of them become better if HTTPS is enabled.

Follow the steps below to enable HTTPS on your blog’s custom domain.
You can open

When your blogger reaches the dashboard, you go to the setting.

Now let’s go to the basic option.

As soon as the basic option of the blog’s settings is open, an HTTPS section will appear.

Click the dropbox in front of HTTPS Availability and select YES.

After that you refresh the page after 10 minutes. Now HTTPS is enabled on your blog.

Now after coming to the option of HTTPS redirect, click on the dropbox here and select yes.

Now your blog’s HTTPS ssl certificate is enabled, and as soon as a visitor type adress for your blog, it will be redirected to an HTTPS address.

Settings after enabling HTTPS ssl certificate

As soon as you set up HTTPS, some widgets in your blog stop working. To get them to work, you remove them first, and add them again after 30 minutes.

If you use adsense ads on your blog, that will also stop showing.

But after some time, it will start to show again.

If ads are not showing up again, then remove them all and add them again.


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