What Is Email Marketing | Why email marketing is good

What Is Email Marketing | Why email marketing is good

Do you know what is Email Marketing? If you are a blogger then it is very important for you to know. Because if you want the number of readers of your blog to be large, to increase the traffic of your blog, then you have to know what is email marketing?

Now the question is how we will email marketing? To know this, you have to read this whole article. Because today we are going to tell you in full detail how is email marketing done?

What is email marketing?

When you use an email for the purpose of marketing, it is called email marketing. Or, in simple words, when email is used in any type of marketing, it is called email marketing.

You must have an email id for another email marketing. Only then will you be able to give information about your new blog post or any product to those people.


The purpose of email marketing

Here are some of the main objectives of email marketing: We are telling you the people for whom you can use it or people do it.

An affiliate uses it to promote its product. So someone uses it to give new information about his blog to his readers. It is also used for obtaining different types of notifications. Some examples are the following.

  • Launching a product to the people.
  • Accessing your product information people
  • Get your blog up to date and give information to your blog.
  • Bring targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Growth in your product sales.
  • Promoting Online Course


How is Email Marketing done?

In order to promote your blog or any product, you should have a large number of email lists. If you do not have a great list of email addresses, who will you send emails to? And how will email marketing?

How to build email list?

If you are a blogger, then use the email subscription box in your blog as soon as you start your blog. If a visitor comes to your blog and liked the post of your blog, then he will use your email subscription box and he will send you his email so that he can get the new post information from your blog via email.

Unless you have a great email list, you can not succeed in it. When you have a good email list then you can try to get success in email marketing.


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What subscribers should be sent and when to send

The trend of wrong email marketing is increasing, and it has benefited a lot from all the companies. If you are a blogger, first of all you should send your subscriber to your subscriber with welcome & thank you, and whenever you publish a new blog post, brief description of your blog post.

When a subscriber sees your sent email it will click on your link, which will increase the page view of your blog.


How to get started with email marketing? A Beginner Guide

If you are a new blogger and you want to start with email marketing, then you will follow the steps given below.

Create an email subscription box widget on your blog or website and build your email list from your friends list with social media also.

Start sending an email update to your visitor or subscriber from the beginning. But keep in mind that the email sent to you may not be annoying.

In the initial days, try to do it yourself or freely, as if you can send 100 email to a gmail id in one day. And send 99 emails at a time.

Just as the benefits of email marketing started showing you, you could use a premium email tool or service for your email marketing.



I hope you know now What Is Email Marketing | Why email marketing is good And how to use it to grow traffic to your blog. If you have any questions, please share with us the comments.

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Please comment below if you like this article What Is Email Marketing | Why email marketing is good