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DMCA Page of Popular Online Services To Report Plagiarism, Blogger

DMCA Page of Popular Online Services To Report Plagiarism, Blogger

Few months back we talked about copyscape service under title Is someone copying your blog?

Copyscape is an online service which helps you to find out who are copying your blog post. If someone is copying your blog post that is called Plagiarism.

There are many reasons for which people copy your blog post.

  • Lack of understanding (Mostly newbie’s)
  • MFA blogs (Made for adsense blogs)
  • Spam blogs ( To get traffic and authority)

It could be any reason. No matter who is copying your blog, it’s bad for you in many ways or especially for search engine ranking. Sometime blog copying your content ranks better than yours or thus you lose all the traffic despite of your hard work. When someone copies your blog content, you would be definitely losing:

  • Your bandwidth
  • Image hotlinking
  • Search engine ranking
  • Money

The point here is if someone if copying your blog, you should take it seriously. The first approach should be contacting the author and make them understand the concept of plagiarism. You should also read How to deal with blog plagiarism?.

In most of the case this works. If not, you can report to the advertisement partner of that blog or the hosting company of the blog. To make your work easier I’m pointing out few hosts along with the contact page to report abuse

Hosting Report Link
Blogspot Blogspot spam
WordPress.com WordPress.com spam
blog.co.in blog.co.in abuse
Dreamhost Dreamhost Spam
Adsense Adsense Abuse reporting
Youtube Youtube Spam

By reporting spam, you are actually participating in the blogging community effort to keep it clean.

Do share your experience with copy paste posts people or how you fight against them?

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