what is depression | Depression Symptoms and Treatment

what is depression | Depression Symptoms and Treatment

A few years ago, a friend of mine, who was also my neighbor, was upset and finished his life. He was a student of S.d College, Panipat. The reason for his suicide was that he repeatedly failed in the same subject. On such days, such tragic incidents happen around us. Many such incidents are rooted in depression or depression.

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Depression is now a common illness that is also called “common cold of mental illness”. Today, on Mistyinfo.Com we will talk about this topic in detail. I hope this article will be beneficial to many people.


What is depression?

Sometimes it is a common thing to feel low in life. But when these feelings remain for a long time and you do not leave with you then this depression can happen. In such a way, life seems to be quite monotonous and empty-free. In such a situation neither friends feel good nor do they feel any other work. Life seems to be hopeless and positive things seem to be negative. If this happens to you then do not need to panic. Need to understand the symptoms and causes of depression and then treat it.

All of us continue to have fluctuations in life. If we get very happy when we get success, then sometimes one gets miserable. Many times people give the name of depression to small sorrow, which is absolutely wrong. Depression is very different from normal sadness. Let’s understand its definition:

According to MediLexicon’s Medical Dictionary, depression is “a mental state and chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem or self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation, withdrawal from social contact or vegetative states such as loss of appetite or insomnia. ”

“Depression is a mental condition or permanent mental disorder in which a person feels depressed, loneliness, despair, low self esteem, and self-reliance; Signs of this – mental retardation, cutting off of society, and situations that appear in less appetite and excessive sleep. ”

It is a matter of note that there is nothing to do with the usual tension or depression depression.


Depression symptoms

  • If you see one or more of the following symptoms match you, then you are likely to be depressed:
  • Either you do not sleep or get too much sleep.
  • You can not concentrate and do the things you used to do easily before you have difficulty.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless.
  • No matter how hard you try, you can not stop your negative thoughts.
  • Either you do not feel hungry or you eat too much.
  • You become irritate or aggressive more quickly than before, and start to get angry.
  • You drink more than usual.
  • You feel that life is not worth living and you get suicidal thoughts in your mind. (It is so immediate treatment)


Depression and suicide

Depression can be considered by a person to commit suicide. During Depression, the person can feel helpless to himself and it seems to solve all the problems in his life end. If someone talks about suicide, then he is probably suffering from depression, and he will only give you his Not just talking about it but it is screaming for help, and you must definitely help her. And if you are seeing yourself doing this then you should seek the help of experts without delay.


If you look at these things in someone, then it can be a warning for suicide:

  • Talk about killing or eliminating yourself.
  • Suddenly people get goodbye to meet or phone.
  • Give your property or other valuable things to others without reason.
  • Expressing such emotions that the person seems very helpless and confused.
  • Always talk about dying.
  • Doing unusual things like red-light jump without any reason.
  • Doing unusual things like, “I do not want anyone to make any difference.”
  • Suddenly, to be completely depressed and then to express happiness.

If you think your friend or relative is thinking about suicide then immediately give him professional help. Speaking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save somebody’s life.

Depression occurs in different ways in men, women, children and the elderly. Be aware about it, helps to understand and troubleshoot the problem correctly:

Depression in men:

Depressed men are seen less frustrated and self-hatred than similar women. Instead, they complain of being tired, irritable, do not sleep, do not feel inclined at work. Some other symptoms of depression such as anger, aggression, violence, carelessness, and excessive drinking can also be seen in such men. Although chances of men being depressed than men are double, but men tend to have more suicidal tendencies.


Depression in women:

In women, chances of depressing the expectation of men are double, some of which are related to the hormones, especially premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual syndrome PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), postpartum depression, and perimenopausal depression. The symptoms of depression in women are seen as eating more, becoming more gold, weight gain, guilt, disappointment.


Depression in adolescence:

Some depressed teens look but nothing else. Highly-abnormal teens are the most significant symptoms of depression. A depressed teenager can easily become angry, behave worse than others, and may complain of pain in the body without cause. The excessive pressure put on by the parents for study by the parents on the children and the comparison with others may also be a source of depression. If such a teen is not treated he may have difficulty in home and school, such children can easily take drugs They can start and suicidal tendencies can also come in them. But if you get help, it can be treated faster.

Depression in the elderly:

Difficulties coming along with the old age, such as – Dissociation, health problems, dependence on others, decrease in income, etc. can constrain a person. But being depression with old age is not a common thing. Such elderly people complain more of physical problems than emotional. That is why most of their depression related problems are not taken care of. Complaining of bad health in the coming days can be an indicator of depression.


Cause of Depression

Some diseases have the exact causes, which makes them easy to treat. If you have diabetes, take insulin, then there is appendicitis (surgery), then do surgery. But depression is a little complicated disease. This can happen not only due to chemical imbalance in the brain, but also for other biological, psychological and social reasons. In other words, this can be due to your lifestyle, your relationships, how you handle problems, due to these things. But some factors increase chances of depression:

  • Loneliness
  • Lack of Social Support
  • Financial problems
  • Recent Stressful Experience
  • Sore in marital or other relationships
  • Bad childhood
  • Alcohol or other drug intake
  • Unemployment
  • Work pressure

Understanding the correct cause of depression can make it easier to treat. For example, if someone is going into depression due to being disturbed by their job, instead of taking any antidepressant for them, any other good job or employment can be more beneficial. If you are troubled because of loneliness then spending time with friends or pursuing a good hobby can be more beneficial for you. In such cases, conditions can be overcome only by depression.

i hope you enjoy reading what is depression | Depression Symptoms and Treatment



Depression Treatment

As the different symptoms and different causes of depression are different in different people, in the same way different ways of crossing them are different. The measures which work for one person, it is not necessary for others to do it too, and In most cases, no one method of treatment is adequate. If you have symptoms of depression in yourself or a well-wisher then take some time to explore treatment options. In most cases, the best approach is the combination of these measures: social support, lifestyle changes, emotional skills building, and professional help.

Ask for help:

If you feel that you are going into depression or are already depressed, do not hide it or feel relieved by failing because depression is a very common illness, and its treatment is completely possible. Hiding it is like promoting it, discuss it with your family and friends, consult your integral friends too. If there is no one you can meet directly with a psychologist.

Improve your lifestyle:

You can do this in these ways:

  • By improving relationships
  • By exercising everyday
  • Eating healthy food
  • Using Relaxation Techniques
  • By changing negative thinking
  • Emotional Skills Develop:

Many people do not deal with stress properly and become emotional. Emotional skills help you to maintain your balance in adversity. For this, you can do a short-term course related to stress management. i hope you enjoy reading what is depression | Depression Symptoms and Treatment


Get help from the professional:

If you do not talk to all these things then help with a mental health professional. There are several effective methods for the treatment of depression: such as therapies, medicines, alternative treatments, etc. Exactly what method to use, it will depend on the causes of your depression.


Also consider these things:

  • Minimize the use of the word depression.
  • Do not forget the name of the depression by forgetting minor problems. By doing so your subconscious brain can
  • do this thing and your truth will increase the chance of becoming a depressant patient.
  • Read good things that bring positivity to you. You will find many such articles on AchhiKhabar.Com. Look here
  • Keep distance from those who keep thinking negative.
  • Understand that unless there is a failure in life, then the value of success will not even be understood. So do not consider failure as an end to everything.


What to do if there is any other crisis?

  • If you know someone who is going to take any wrong steps due to depression or is thinking about it:
  • Immediately warn your relatives. A little sympathy from the family can save somebody’s life.
  • Do not leave that person alone in a dash.

Talk to this Helpline number, or ask to do this. Free counselling facility is available at this number. This is Mumbai’s number, I checked it myself, it works.

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