How to cure dengue | Prevention of dengue | Causes of dengue

How to cure dengue | Prevention of dengue | Causes of dengue

About the time of Dengue, electronic media and news paper etc. are getting a lot of reading and reading. This disease is appearing horribly spreading at this time.

Dengue is a dangerous viral disease found in the world, which is spread through the bite of infected female Aedes azepti mosquito. The only single infected mosquito can infect many people with dengue.

Symptoms of dengue

  • high fever,
  • Meat muscle and joints severe pain,
  • head ache,
  • Pain behind the eyes,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea and
  • Red colored grains

When the condition of the patient is serious, the number of platelets rapidly decreases, blood secretion begins with the nose, ears, mouth or other organs, the blood pressure decreases considerably. If the time is not met, then the patient goes into coma.



Regarding the above symptoms, it is worth noting that symptoms of many other diseases and other fever etc. can also be similar to dengue and sometimes even if there is only 1 – 2 symptoms with fever in the patient, dengue can come in positive is. Therefore, all the symptoms should not wait to appear. If the fever is not good in 1 – 2 days, then you should go to the doctor immediately and check-up because any fever can be dengue.


Dengue Prevention & Treatment

  • Do not let the water gather in the house and at home, take special care of cleanliness.
  • If there is water to be filled in utensils etc. then keep it covered. If not needed, keep the utensil empty or inverted.
  • Keep changing the water of cooler, potatoes etc. daily. If the water is not needed, then dry the cooler etc. and dry it.
  • Wear clothes that can cover the maximum part of the body.
  • Use anti-mosquito cores, spray, liquid, electronic bat etc. to protect mosquitoes.


Ayurvedic and natural methods of avoiding dengue

  • Tulsi plantation in the window of the house is protected from mosquitoes.
  • The mosquitoes die from the pleasant leaves of the neem and the house of the camphor, or behind the corners and curtains, the hidden mosquitoes escape outside the house.
  • Neem, basil, giloy, pippi, juice of papaya, juice of wheat, juice of gourd and guava leaves are very useful in preventing dengue. They increase the body’s immune system and have the power to fight dengue virus.
  • Take 25 grams of fresh citric acid, grind 4-5 basil leaves and 2-3 black pepper and boil in 1 liter of water. 250 M.L. Keep the balance, divide it in equal proportion in three times. This decoction is very useful in protecting against viral infections like dengue, swine flu and chicken guunal.
  • Remember there is no specific dengue therapy available yet. Only seminal healing is done. If there is any fever in these days, if you do not get any relief then you should show the doctor immediately and increase the resistance of the mosquitoes and the body’s immune system. This is the best way to avoid dengue.

Dengue is a dangerous disease spreading through the virus, which spreads through mosquito bites called infected adhesive. The best way to prevent dengue is by protecting mosquitoes and increasing the immunity of the body.


Home remedies for Dengue

Papaya leaves – The juice of papaya leaves has been found to be very useful in dengue. For this, wash some leaves well with water and grind them on a mixie or stone, filtering the juice is given 1-2 teaspoons three to four times a day. This causes the toxic elements of the body to come out. The amount of platelets in the body increases rapidly.

Basil leaf decoction – Some leaves of basil boiling in water and filtering is done by the patient. It is very beneficial in dengue and other viral fevers. Cough, Cough, is also very beneficial in cold.

Pomegranate juice – Pomegranate juice is very useful in dengue and other fever. Pomegranate juice removes the lack of blood.

Giloya – Decoction of Giloy is very useful in removing fever, colds, cough. For this, take a piece of 3-4 inch thumbs size and grind it. Boiling water in two cups of water and remaining half a cup of water is useful in both healing and medicine.

Chirata – This is a famous herb of Ayurveda to remove fever. The taste is as sweet as it is in taste. Take the decoction or take it from the powder.

Gooseberry – An ointment is the best source of Vitamin C. The body absorbs more of the iron element when it is in the body. By which blood increases.

Aloe vera – The juice of guar leaves keeps the digestive power correct. Stimulates the liver. Increases hunger. Raises the power to fight diseases by increasing the body’s immunity power.

The above ideas are given for enlightening, Dengue soon takes on the form of a serious illness, so if you have dengue, check the doctor and take the above remedies with the doctor’s opinion.


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