How to create Alexa rank widget Blog, improve Website Ranking

How to create Alexa rank widget Blog, improve Website Ranking

2017 Update: Alexa is no more the same. So there is no point using Alexa widget or paying for Alexa services. You should rather focus on improving domain authority.  And Learn everything about domain authority here. This article is just for the archiving purpose. Soon, we will remove all instances of Alexa ranking from

Google page rank or Alexa rank are couple of those factors which decide the popularity of blogs on Paper. Alexa seems to be undergoing lots of changes (Improvements) or recently Alexa got new design and because of this people who were using old Alexa widget are not working perfectly.

Alexa service offers a widget for Bloggers which they can embed on their blog. Personally, I have seen lots improvement in my Alexa ranking after putting Alexa widget on my blog. This actually helps Alexa to keep exact count of visitors on your blog. If you have not added Alexa widget, I would suggest you to add it on your blog.

Getting back to the topic, Alexa added a new way to add widget on your blog. Alexa added a new section for Site owners which can be used to verify the ownership and add and edit details about your site. This is very useful, if you have a good alexa ranking site, you can add detailed detail about your site and make your site Alexa profile look more professional.

You can grab ad codes for Alexa widget on your blog by going to this link. Click on Alexa site widgets, add your site link and grab the code to be embedded on your blog. You have different widget options and sizes for widget. Here is the code you can use to create Alexa widget for your blog, and make sure replace with your domain name.

WordPress Plugin to Add Alexa Widget

There is also a 3rd party Alexa WordPress plugin which you can use to show your Alexa rank in sidebar. and This free plugin can be downloaded from here or once you have installed and activate it, go to your WordPress widgets section or drag drop the Alexa Rank widget in your sidebar. All you need to configure here is the domain name. Replace default domain name with your existing domain name. Here is screenshot of the plugin settings ( Available as widget only).

When you update the info, you need to provide email address which include your domain address.

That;s it, not watch your Alexa ranking improving every day.

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