Confession of a Blogger and Plagiarism, secret confessions blog

Confession of a Blogger and Plagiarism, secret confessions blog


Today, I’m writing this article to make a confession about a mistake which I made unintentionally at the start of my blogging journey. I would like to say that it might hamper my reputation, but since my readers are my asset, I do not want them to make the same mistake which I made few years back.  I also want to confess to get rid of the guilt.

As you might be aware and initial days of blogging are always full of mistakes. We try to learn from each and every of our mistake. However, there are some mistakes which 1 should not make no matter what. In this post, I want to confess  such mistake. Here it goes:

I created my 1st free BlogSpot blog in 2007 when I was in final year of my college. My sole aim was to collect useful information from the web or assemble them on my blog for my own reference. I used to copy interesting articles from different websites (plagiarism).I was unaware of Adsense or how Bloggers make money. I was a newbie blogger or had no idea about RSS, traffic or monetization of a blog. I did not have an idea that it might hurt the page ranking of other Bloggers. It was an innocent mistake which I was doing unknowingly. It was the 1st mistake of my blogging journey.

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I got to know about my mistake, when I got a mail from 1 of the blog admin, Nirmal from Life Rocks. He was not offended or sincerely asked me to remove the posts which I have copied from his site ( I deleted the entire blog post). I still remember 1 powerful sentence in his mail that made me confess today is “You are stealing the post.” 

Yes, I was stealing posts, but I was not monetizing it. I did it to share knowledge with all my readers but my approach was very wrong. Also, being a newbie blogger, I had no idea about Copied content is illegal.

However, now I’m at a stage that I earn a handsome amount of $ every month because of blogging, but needed to make this confession before I spend a single penny of that money. Today, I can proudly say that each and/or every post of  ShoutMeLoud is my creation or in every post, I have given my best. I learned from my mistake which motivated me to confess my sin today.

Friends, this post, is for all those who are still into copying stuff and stealing ideas (Plagiarism ). Stop doing it now else 1 day you might say sorry for the things you are doing now.

Your brain is your workshop, think of something which is original and present idea in a way that no one has ever thought of presenting. If you like creating an archive of best or interesting posts from the web and the good idea is to use Social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon.

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