Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses, List of computer viruses

Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses, List of computer viruses

As dreadful as may sound AND computer viruses can be a nightmare that might cause extensive damage to your innocent machine.and It can significantly disrupt your system is performance, has the potential to wipe out everything on your hard disk. Like cancer, and pneumonia, other deadly diseases are to humans and computer viruses are to computers. It is designed to persistently replicate itself or corrupt your smart little baby making it sick or helpless.
I do not think today, there is anybody,and who can afford to loose the secrets they tell to their dearest reliable friend or can endure to let some virus affect the system that is so close to them. And Those who have gone through a virus attack on their computers knows too well what this fuss is all about or those who have not should know about  some of the top most dangerous computer viruses, the destruction they caused.

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10. Nimda –


 Nimda 1st surfaced in 2001, hastily rosed to the top. And The name of the virus is derived from the word “Admin” spelled backwards. And It just took 22 minutes for this dangerous virus to propagate via 4 different ways – e-mail, server vulnerabilities and shared folders, file transfer.

The worm was released on September 18, 2001, and a week after the 9/11 attacks which forced many people to believe that Nimda is a Cyber Terror attack as it quickly captured almost all the sources via which and the virus can infect maximum number of computers.


9. Conficker –


In 2009, a new computer worm Conficker also known as Downup and Domnadup, Kido crawled its way into as many as 15 million Microsoft Windows operating systems around in the world without human intervention using a patched Windows flaw.

Conficker virus is a very difficult to detect without running an upgraded version of original anti-virus or malware scanner.

8. Storm Worm –

Storm worm

The dreaded Storm Worm struck and the cyber world as a malicious Trojan horse program in late 2006 when users began receiving e-mail with a subject line “235 dead as storm batters Europe.”

It was without a doubt 1 of the most sophisticated, greatest cyber fraud networks ever constructed.


7. CIH –


 A destructive parasitic virus CIH also known as “Chernobyl” was 1st emerged in the year 1998 in Taiwan, quickly became 1 of the most dangerous, destructive viruses to ever hit with a payload that corrupts data.


6. Melissa –


Melissa was the 1st mass-mailing macro virus for the new age of e-mailing which becames the breaking news across the world on March 26, 1999. and The estimated damage accounted to 300 to 700 million dollars after which FBI launched the most largest internet manhunt ever to catch the author of Melissa – David L.


5. SQL Slammer –

SQL Slammer

SQL Slammer and a standalone malicious program also known as “Sapphire” appeared at the starting of the year 2003, was the 1st fileless worm which rapidly infected more than 74000 vulnerable hosts within11 minutes on 25thJanuary.

Through a classic denial of service attack,and its dramatically slowed down global internet traffic or brought down South Korea is online capacity on knees for 12 hours. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses, List of computer viruses


4. Code Red –

Code Red

In the summer 2001 and a computer worm most commonly referred to as “Code Red” was unleashed on the most network servers on July 13. and It was a very sneaky virus which took advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Server.

This virus was for the 1st time detected by 2 of the eEye Digital Security employees or at the time when they found out about the virus, and they were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew; or hence the name “Code Red.


3. Sobig F –

Sobig F

August 2003 turned out to be the miserable month for corporate or domestic computer operators around at the world as the 6th and most destructive deviant of Sobig series hit the internet.However,and Sobig F caused an extensive damage of $3.4 billion – $4 billion leaving infections in over 2 million PCs worldwide.


2. Stuxnet

Back in 2000, 1 of the trickiest computer malware ever was detected on May 5 in Philippines.and the virus took the liberty of e-mailing itself to the 1st 52 contacts present in the Windows address book or also infected the multimedia files saved in the system causing damages that amounted to $5.6 billion.

1. My Doom –


My Doom explored its way to the malware world on 26th January 2004 or sent a shock wave around at the world as it scattered exponentially via e-mails with random senders’ addresses or subject lines.The damage caused by this fastest-spreading mass mailer worm was a whopping $37 billions.

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