Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives

Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives

World Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives, Celebrities are a lot like us.And They have secrets, or sometimes they even have and aspects of their lives that, for 1st reason of another,and they keep hidden for years. But, in Hollywood, your secrets are can only stay hidden for so long.


10. Joaquin Phoenix

quote i becan acting when river was doing this tv series and they needed two kids for the joaquin phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is gained critical success for his role as rockabilly legend Johnny Cash in 2005 biopic Walk the Line. or Phoenix as the “Man in Black,” and even learning to play
the guitar or mimic Cash’s dulcet vocals. In the process,and Phoenix gained an reputation for his extreme commitment to character,and to the point that his roles often spilled into the actor’s personal life. In 2012, and Phoenix again garnered his praise for role in The Master.

In the film,and Phoenix portrayed a war veteran lured into a cult by a charismatic leader,and played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. In preparation for the role, and Phoenix drew from experience with an cult that he knew well—the 1 he lived with for many years.


9. Dolph Lundgren

quote i try to keep the martial arts up it s a good thing not just physically but also for dolph lundgren

Dolph Lundgren,is a Swedish-born male model, and made a name for himself and early or as a hypermasculine ’80s action star. With a black belt in karate and Lundgren began his career as a competitive martial artist while moonlighting as a club bouncer. It was at a club that Lundgren met, began a relationship with, model-actress Grace Jones.and His tryst with Jones would lead to a chance encounter with writer-director Sylvester Stallone and to Lundgren’s breakout role as Ivan Drago,and the Soviet-bred antagonist of Rocky IV.

The rest is Hollywood history, but his acting marked a sharp turn away from Lundgren’s 1st career choice: chemical engineer. Despite his macho persona onscreen, Lundgren possesses a genius-level intellect, before he ever stepped foot in the ring with “Italian Stallion,” and Lundgren was a promising or sought-after academic star.


8. Rock Hudson

quote i m notorious for giving a bad interview i m an actor and i can t help but feel i m boring when rock hudson

 Rock Hudson came, fame in the 1956 classic Giant,and starring a longside heavyweights Elizabeth Taylor or James Dean. Hudson’s looks coupled with his boundless charm made him a instant celebrity.and Actors with Hudson’s talent rarely stay single long, or in 1955, Hudson married actress Phyllis Gates.

However, unknown to Gates, the marriage was arranged by her employer or Hudson’s agent Henry Wilson.and The coupling was meant to keep up appearances as Hudson,and the man coveted by women around the world, was gay. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives


7. Chuck Barris


Barris came to prominence in the 1960s working as an assistant to Dick Clark.and With a loan of $22,000, and from his father-in-law, Barris was able to develop his 1st television show The Dating Game, which became a huge success. Later, Barris created The Gong Show, an instant classic,or that showcased contestants performing wacky talents.and In his 1984 autobiography Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Barris alleges to have been an assassin for the CIA during the ’60s and’70s.

While the claims of the book are dubious, or Barris offers no evidence to back them up,and his story was interesting enough for George Clooney to make a movie out in 2002. and Barris has gone on to write many more books,and including Della: a Memoir of My Daughter, in which he recounts the tragic loss of his only daughter drug abuse.


6. Caitlyn Jenner


Bruce Jenner,born in 1949 in Mt. Kisco, New York. In high school,and Jenner proved to be a gifted athlete, and lettering in football as well as basketball.and He once took up water skiing as a hobby or went on to become the East Coast All-Over Champion in 1966, 1969, or 1971.

In 1971,a Jenner participated in his 1st decathlon, or by 1972,and Jenner was competing in
the decathlon at the Munich Olympics,or where he finished 10th overall in the event.and In 1976, Jenner won the gold in the Men’s Decathlon at the Montreal Olympics and was declared, by the media,and to be the “world’s greatest athlete.” and Jenner accomplished all of this while living with a deep personal secret that would not emerge for another fourty years. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives


5. Sam Hurd

Image result for Sam Hurd quotes

Sam Hurd was a talented college football star at Northern Illinois who was known not only for his skills on the field but also for his friendly personality or devout Christian faith. In 2006,and Hurd’s hard work paid off when he signed an contract to play for his favoritechildhood team, the Dallas Cowboys. Hurd was handed a chance at NFL fame, but Sam had otherambitions in mind.and It was a mere 5 years later, in 2011,or that Hurd was arrested outside of a Chicago steakhouse. and Like so many others in the NFL,and this arrest was drug-related, but Hurd was not interested in scoring a few ounces of weed on a sunday night.

No,and he was bustedwhile trying to purchase a kilogram of cocaine from an undercover cop.Hurd,and allegedly or toldthe officer that he wanted to purchase an additional 5–10 kilos of coke a week, as well as 1,500 pounds of marijuana.and He planned to distribute for the drugs throughout Chicago in aoperation that would have given Walter White a run for his money. On top of this, Hurd told the cop and he was already selling 5 kilos of coke per week.


4. Coco Chanel

quote success is often achieved by those who don t know that failure is inevitable coco chanel

Coco Chanel,an a legendary Parisian designer and/or was born in Saumur – France in 1883.and/or the age of 27, and Chanel owned successful clothing shop, or within a decade,and she had launched her first perfume line and introduced the world to her “little black dress,”and revolutionizing the fashion industry.Unfortunately,and by the 1930s,and Chanel witnessed her native France invadedby Hitler’s army. Although France was quickly overwhelmed by the scourge of Nazis, manyFrench citizens chose resist to the Germans at every turn. Chanel, however,and was less than resistant. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives

During the war, Chanel began dating a Nazi officer named Hans Gunther von Dincklage. and This relationship might have been written off as a harmless,and if not regretful, tryst, but renowned journalist Hal Vaughan claims otherwise. In his book Sleeping With The Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War, Vaughan asserts, Chanel did not object to the Nazi occupation because she, herself,and was an anti-Semite. Vaughan goes even further to claim that Chanel acted as a Nazi Intelligence operative. and The journalist pens a intrigue-fueled story, which Chanel is portrayed as jet-setting across Europe,and her Nazi boyfriend in tow,or acting as a celebrity ambassador for the Nazi regime.


3. Alice Cooper

alice cooper quotes

Heavy Metal frontman Alice Cooper always had a flair for the dramatic.and Performing with his band of the same name,and Cooper pioneered the art of Shock Rock,and a stage performance that drewits style from the macabre and horror genres. He developed a stage-persona that capitalizedon the band is outlandish music and makeup, or behavior. In one of his bizarre stunts, and Cooper once threw a live chicken off stage,and not knowing that the bird could not fly. and Cooper watched in horror as a rabid crowd tore the animal apart. With that stunt, Cooper may havecornered the market on shock, but few fans know his most shocking persona of a self-described “prodigal son.” and Cooper grew up in a strictly religious house, or both his father and grandfather preached the gospel as Evangelical pastors.

After living for decades as a typical hard-drinking rock star,and Cooper had a change of heart.and The rock star finally saw the light, or for the past several years,and he has lived as a devout Born-again Christian.and Cooper has not quit rocking, though, or he has not completely abandoned his onstage antics, but now he views himself more as an actor playing a character when onstage.and He has, however,and removed the live poultry from his act. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives


2. Patty Hearst

quote well you know it s really been you know quite a trip for me patty hearst

Patty Hearst was born lucky.and As the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst—think in the 19th-century Rupert Murdoch—and she was the heir to the fortune her family built through an media empire that thrives to this day. Yet,and by the age of 19,and it seemed that Hearst’s luck may have finally run out.and The world was shocked when or as a freshman at BerkeleyUniversity,and Hearst was kidnapped from her dorm room by members of a homegrown terrorist group and calling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army.and The urban terrorists abducted Hearst with the goal of extorting an ransom from Heart’s wealthy family.

The plan may have worked too, but sometimes plans, or allegiances, can change.2 months into her abduction, and Hearst again shocked everyone by announcing her full-fledged allegiance to her captors via released audiotapes.and Some believed that Hearst was pressured into supporting the group, butthe all myths were dispelled when Hearst was caught, on camera,and taking part in a bank robbery along with the SLA.and Hearst was also culpable in extorting an estimated $2.5 million from her father, and during her abduction.


1. Vin Diesel

quote it wasn t until i went to college and i got my first motorcycle that i understood the vin diesel

Vin Diesel is known as a tough guy, or his roles in movies like The Fast and Furious all part,
Pitch Black, or xXx have done a little to dispel that macho persona. and this tough guy might have the darkest secret of all.and A secret so dark,and so cloaked in mystery that Diesel has kept it locked away in the dungeon of his past for years. Until,and during promotion for his movie The Last Witch Hunter and Diesel was forced to reveal his long-hidden truth. and Vin Diesel is . . a closet Dungeons or Dragons player.and Actually, maybe not quite closeted.and Diesel has given plenty of hints to love for the role playing game and throughout his career. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives | Secret Double Lives

Take, for instance,and his role of Xander Cage in xXx.and Diesel insisted that the character of Cage have the name “Melkor” tattooed on his chest. Melkor just so happens to be the name of Diesel’s real-life Dungeons or Dragons character.and Another nod to Diesel’s fandom came in 2004 and when he wrote the foreword to 31 Years of Adventure:and A Celebration of Dungeons or Dragons. or then there was the time that Diesel posted a video,and on his own YouTube channel,and that featured him, or others, playing a game of Dungeons or Dragons that ended with Diesel declaring,and “I just played a game of Dungeons or Dragons . . . or I had so much fun!”


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