How can we do meditation at home | Meditation for beginners

How can we do meditation at home | Meditation for beginners

Yoga and meditation today have become very common words. We are all familiar with it and many of us also do yoga. TV. And the internet has helped a lot in this. But it is often seen that we start with a lot of enthusiasm but gradually this reduces the enthusiasm and we begin to abandon it, how to meditate, start the morning walk, race, gym etc., In which a little newness and modernity feel connected.

Usually this happens because we start experiencing boredom while meditating, because boreiyat is not something new, not interesting, not spicy. But be sure to find interesting, fun and unprecedented glee you can not find anywhere, provided you know what to do, and how. Meditation does not mean that your body is lifeless or dead like it is in sleep. It is important – “Sleep is unconscious meditation and meditation is called sleep sleep.”

In today’s fledgling life, we are all running behind happiness. A student is worried about being close to numbers, he gets closer, but he is not happy, worries, thinks, when he gets a job, he will get happiness, he also gets a job, yet he thinks ahead , There will be a lot of happiness in the promotion, but there is more concern about it.

He is always engaged in getting the happiness of the future and lets the happiness of the present be wasted; he never understands that the happiness is not far away, not in any future but now it is here, it is inside, its inner Peace is in the heart, and the constant feeling of happiness in this happiness is meditation. Yoga means – connecting soul with Spirit. This work can only be done by going into meditation.

How can we do meditation at home | Meditation for beginners



Situated inside our body is a part of that divine, then when God is omniscient, omnipresent, are all-powerful, so why do not we? Just as a piece of diamond will be similar to a large diamond in the structure of the diamond, the same is the power of that divine too within us, it is necessary to know who knows, who can use it, otherwise, like an ignorant He will throw the diamond just as a shiny stone. These powers can be known only by going to meditation.

To go into meditation, we have to listen to the voice of our minds and go away from the noise of the outside world. How to hear the voice of intercession now is very easy, if we stop listening to external voices then the voice which remains will be the sound of the inner voice and listening to it is meditation or samadhi.

But along with the voice outside, there are some voices or noise, noise is also going on inside us. You stopped the eyes and ears but the thought of the mind is still going on – “Tomorrow is going to the office soon, the ration of the house is over, the wife has to take it out today,” etc. What things that distract us from our attention But it is not too difficult to remove it.

When you close your ears, you will hear two voices, one of your beats and the second of your breath. Apart from these there is a third voice too and we have to focus our attention towards that voice. This sound is like a zigzag, and if you can not believe it, you will see it. Gradually you will also hear other voices which will not be heard due to not being too fast at the beginning but as you will notice these voices will become clear, sometimes you will hear the sound of the flow of the river flowing slowly Drops of falling rain drops All the voices that you hear in the outside world, you will also hear in your own and slowly you will not even know when you have stepped towards Self Realization.

Now we will see the method of meditation. But remember, going to meditation should be a fun work, not a torture, it should be a fun. As you have ever heard, meditation should be done between the two eyebrows, but after a while it starts to cause headache and we get bored after a few minutes.


Follow the following procedure to meditate: –

  1. Choose a comfortable and quiet place, which is far from bitter and where you can sit comfortably. You can sit by hitting the pilot or sitting sitting on your chair also can meditate.
  2. Close the eyes and buy ear plugs in earrings in any medicine shop, buy orange colored ear plugs at a price of Rs 15, and can not use cotton if found.
  3. Take ten long breaths slowly, take comfortably and deep breath and breathe in the same way. Count out the countdown to one to ten while exhaling, remembering the count only when you leave the breath, not taking it while taking it.
  4. Focus on your inner voice, listen to the running sounds in the brain, do not analyze them, do not even want to hear, they will hear themselves, keep their mind calm.
  5. Do not let your thinking wander if ever thinking wanders, do not worry, do not bother, smile lovingly, bring them back to your side. Anyway, once you start listening to the sounds in the brain, you will automatically get your attention back and your mind will stop thinking about external things.

This was the way of meditation, but to get the proper return to it quickly you need to clean your body and clean it. It can be done in two ways, first you need to clean your body from the outside (detoxification), for this you can make Oil Pulling, which is mentioned in detail in Google, by rising in the morning, by adding lemon-salt in light hot water Drink, exercise regularly, take part in physical play, keep yourself active as soon as possible.

Keep it clean from the outside, keep the inside of the body clean, read the good books, the temple, the mosque, the church, the gurudwara wherever you get peace, go there, meet people with good ideology. Treat good language, think good. This will help you to achieve your goal.



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