Bye Bye Soul-Sucking Job! Welcome Full time blogging

Bye Bye Soul-Sucking Job! Welcome Full time blogging

Woot!! This blog post is probably going to change my life as I’m going to make 1st of the biggest decision of my career. Hello all, this is a boring post where I’m going to bore you about my career and I’m joining the league of Professional Bloggers. ?

I started Blogging 6 months back (late 2016) or my blogging journey so far is a never-ending learning experience. Every day, I learn something new or I’m like Damn! I never thought about it. And/or if you are up for learning something new, Blogging or Internet marketing is your thing.


My blogging history was like as an average blogger who stared with BlogSpot blog, moved to WordPress later and now implementing and practicing new ideas.  Well this sounds really simple when we are into part-time blogging but things changes when we take blogging as our only career choice. Before, I will tell you more about my decision of taking blogging as a full-time career, I believe you should know me a little:

Hi, I’m Yesvir Gulia, from Panipat, an I.T Engineer by education and a blogger by profession. I was working with Convergys technologies and now I have left my job for making a career in the field of Blogging. I know people will call it a madness because I left my job at the time of recession when people are desperately looking for a job.

Honestly it was a tough decision for me to leave my existing career path for starting a complete new career in the field of Blogging. It’s just been 6 months that I have started blogging as a part time activity, however, it was becoming difficult for me to blog or show my online presence along with my 12 hrs job.

Finally I quit my job because I saw lots of opportunities for me in the field of blogging. I will say anybody who is into blogging has more opportunities to make endless money online. And The only keyword to success is regularity, dedication or positive attitude.

Blogging is not an easy experience as you see it, running a maintaining blog involve lots of work that includes SEO, writing, managing hosting and promotion. When I started Mistyinfo, it was a technology blog but later I tuned into Blogging and Tips/Sports/Movies blog. The whole idea was to share my experience or things which I have learned over the time. Gradually, other bloggers started liking what I share and that gave me enough boost and confidence to decide about 1st of the biggest transition of my life.

It took me almost 3 month to decide, if I should take Blogging as a full-time career or keep it a part-time career. All the people I have consulted, they all have their opinion but here is 1 advice which I got from my friend & I would like to share it with you too:

“People who work in MNC, it’s their dream to kick their job or start something of own, but in your case, you are being gifted with something which you like or something which can be your career.”

Somehow, these words helped me to be sure about what I wanted and finally I decided to become one of India’s professional blogger.

Is Full time blogging for me or not?

I won’t comment on this until I see my progress. My only target is to provide quality articles and quality contents so that I can keep up the trust that I have built-in these few months, eespecially now, when Blogging is only source for my bread and butter I can’t afford to make any mistakes.

So I will make sure every article I will write, every piece of information I will give you will be based on research.

I’m always open to feedbacks and suggestions. You are always welcome to drop a mail at admin[at]

Moreover I will keep sharing my experience and the source from where I’m making money so that other people who are thinking of taking blogging seriously can take an example.

So am I going to blog only for money?

I started blogging because of my interest and passion. When I started Blogging, I didn’t even realize you can make money from a Blog. Making online money was a myth for me but later on I discovered that online business is gold mine for this era. Blogging is just a small part of it, there are many strings which are attached along with Blogging and I’m going to uncover it. Specially, affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation is something my area of interest.

Talking about, if I’m going to just blog for money, My answer: No. I blog because I love it. Money will be a driving factor as It’s the only source of income for me. As of now, I don’t have to try hard as  current traffic and my affiliate strategy is helping me make enough money to survive and if everything goes as planned, I will be integrating services like blog set up, SEO and may be blog consultancy in future.

I am not sure how this blogging career is going to change my life. My decision to take blogging as a full time profession may turn out to be a disaster but I might regret it later if I don’t try something awesome or independent as this.  Lets see what path blogging leads me to. For now, all I need is good wishes or luck from all the Users.

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