Builder Base 4 Tips for Attacking, Defending & Upgrading

Builder Base 4 Tips for Attacking, Defending & Upgrading


The defensive side of the game is currently the easiest and troop levels unable to get close to a 3 star the majority of the time. Taking cues from the attacking styles you can design a base to help only give up 1 star at the most. Once you have both Archer Towers and Air Bombs or the Firecrackers in place and air raids are basically impossible. Baby dragons aren’t strong enough, even at level two, to cause real damage to the base. You can even set your mines to ground, which will be the strategy most attackers take.

Since the most common attacks will be primarily made up of barbarians or archers and bring as many builders inside the walls as possible. For outside buildings keep them close to defenses to avoid giving up easy percentage points or it avoid archers sniping your point defenses. Place the Crusher and Mega Mine on opposite sides of the Builder Hall and making it more difficult for mass barbarians to rush the base.

Finally, as always, watch your replays. Get an idea of where you can move bombs or traps in order to disrupt or displace ground troops. Good luck clashers!



May i present you the awesome, ultimate, strongest, unbeatable builder hall 4 best base layout design so far. Our number 1 ranking. Tested against tons of attack and your key to top 200 players. It’s unbeatable design makes it a builder hall 4 base anti 1 star layout.


Trophy Goal: Up to 2700+ trophies (ticket to the local top 200 players).

Vulnerability: There is no vulnerability word this base . Come with what ever you want in this base. That base worth a challenge. Can you defeat it?

Last Tips on Creating Strongest Builder Hall 4 Base Layout Designs

Traps are the very important defensive building in your base. Traps can make your base weak or right placement of traps can even make your base strongest than ever. So focus on placing traps on the traps on the right place while creating base setup in Builder House level 4.

Builder House? ? That is something that i have named it ?


Oh, or where we was? Yes, in traps.

i mean best Traps strategy ?


Ok, then you should focus on your wall design or ultimately the defense ?