Builder Base 2 & 3 Tips for Attacking, Defending & Upgrading

Builder Base 2 & 3 Tips for Attacking, Defending & Upgrading


the Builder Base offers a more fun and secondary game to battle head to head in base design or attacking with new troop types.

Builder Base Level 2 Attacking

At builder hall level two the Boxer Giant is unlocked; and the majority of battles can be won with barbarians or archers still. Use the scouting minute or the full battle time if needed. 1st, scout which outside buildings can be picked off with archers or the cloak ability. Clear a path for the barbarians to push towards the Builder Hall. Typically, 2-star attacks will prove victorious.


Builder Base Level 2 Upgrading

At level two you unlock seven new buildings. 1st drop your Star Laboratory so can begin upgrading troops while leveling up your base. Once your builder is available add the Archer Tower or then the Double Cannon. Wait until your three defenses are active before you begin battling again.

From there add or upgrade your push trap and builder barracks or then resource collectors. Collectors or Mines are not as critical as they are in the Home Base, since the majority of resources come from your 3 daily victories.


Builder Base Level 2 Defending

At level two the Archer Tower is the most important building. Keep the tower switched to the long-range attack in order to protect a large portion of your base. Position walls or non-defensive buildings to ensure that the cannons or tower are not the 1st thing an archer can reach. Leaving a 1st space gap with the jump trap will misplace units which are dropped to close to the opening or following the easy path inside.


Builder Base Level 3 Attacking

The addition of minions creates a new strategy to pick up percentage points or help path towards the Builder Hall. Again, take time to analyze the base. Which buildings are far enough outside that a minion can destroy them?  defenses on the edge that two archers with their cloaks can take out? What buildings need to be cleared out so the barbarians have a chance to push to the Builders Hall?

If going against a Crusher and completely avoid sending ground troops near it. Similarly, if the firecrackers are central and use minions to pick off select outside buildings and Focus on how to get 2 stars, which will win the majority of battles. The most frequently used attack will be using individual archers or minions to clear outside buildings for both percentage points or to create a path towards the Builder Hall. Then sending in a wave of barbarians and a scout unit ahead 1st to check for bombs or traps.


Builder Base Level 3 Defending

Knowing how players will attack at level three, helps dictate how the defensive design should be determined. Considering these four items when creating a level 3 base:

  1. Avoid minions being able to take our your Builder Hall by putting the Archer Tower on one side or the firecrackers on the other.
  2. Place non-defensive structures outside of your defensive structures to prevent, attack from being able to take them out with sneaky archer snipper attacks.
  3. Watch your replays! Understanding how attacks feel like they can beat your base gives you ideas on where to shift buildings and traps or how to move walls to adjust their pathing.
  4. Ground troops will avoid the Crusher and place bombs or traps on the other side of the base.