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Best Trophy Ranges & Leagues for Farming TH3 to TH11

Best Trophy Ranges & Leagues for Farming TH3 to TH11


Best Trophy Ranges to farm for TH3 to TH11

I mentioned earlier in this post that I’d list some ranges that are working well these days, here you are:


These are only recommendations and My personal rule is that I should be in a League that rewards a League Bonus + about 1-3rd of the Daily Star Bonus that makes up for my army building costs.

Example: Using army with 15 Valkyries and12 Giants,2 Wall Breaker and 4 Healer and 6 Wizards costs around 250,000 Elixir & 3,000 Dark Elixir with the Spells. In that case I will farm at least in Champions three League (rewarding 200k Elixir and 1,2k Dark Elixir PLUS 100k and 500 Dark Elixir proportionately).


Daily Star Bonus

Don’t forget about the Daily Star Bonus! and daily acquire the bonus if you earn at least five Stars in total from matchmaking attacks and This can be easy reached if you’re attacking two-three times a day even if only farming. The Star Bonus can add a significant amount to your total profit depending on the League you’re in:

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