How to check your phone for viruses | android phone virus scan

How to check your phone for viruses | android phone virus scan

Almost all people nowadays have Android mobile, and often we download the app in our Android phone. But do you know that this type of download can also cause viruses to Android Mobile. There is also a loss to the data placed in it with our Android mobile.

Virus has a bad effect on our phones. But if you take some precautions, then you can keep your phone safe from viruses. I am going to tell you some tips in this post today that you will know that your phone has a virus.

If your phone has a virus, your phone will start showing some problems. In this post I am going to tell those problems, if your phone has this problem then your phone may have a virus.

If your phone has a virus, you have to reset the phone to the phone to delete the virus, which also deletes your phone’s data.

How to Detect Viruses in Android Mobile

If you see the faults mentioned here in your phone, then understand that the virus has also come in your phone. So let’s know about them.


1. Automated pop-up in mobile

If your phone starts appearing pop up and pop up ads automatically, then you have got a virus attack on your phone.

During online surfing, whenever there is a message on your screen that your phone needs a scan, scan immediately, then you can avoid this message and exit the browser and exit.

How to check your phone for viruses | android phone virus scan


2. Automatically downloading apps in mobile

There are also some apps that are automatically downloaded in the phone, it is also called automatic app downloading.

If your mobile is downloading the app automatically without your consent, then your phone may have a virus.

To prevent this virus has such an application, you have to stop the automatic app download in the phone.



3. Reduces backup of the phone’s battery

When the virus comes to the phone, they always send your files, data, etc. to the internal form to your server, which makes the battery more consumable, and the battery of your Android mobile‘s battery is reduced.

The virus has a bad effect on your phone’s battery so that battery life can end and your phone may be charging more battery. And your mobile heat will start.

Whenever you install an app in the mobile, you can also get some viruses from the google play store, when downloading an app from any other site.

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4. Spending more than the requirement of mobile data

If your phone is already spending more money on mobile data then your phone may be transmitted to the virus, as if you have packed it, it will end before its limit.

The virus that keeps sending your personal data to the server only with the help of mobile data. Eases your data consumption more than ever, the mobile bill increases manifold.

How to check your phone for viruses | android phone virus scan


5. Slow of Android Mobile

If your mobile slow is working then there is every possibility that viruses can occur. Because the virus increases the size of your files.

So whenever you try to open a file, it will be very slow or open.

If your phone has a virus, then the audio, video files and documents in your phone will be automatic deleted, and if there is a video then it will not be run.

Conclusion –

If your phone also shows the problems mentioned herein then it is possible that your mobile has a virus. Remove these viruses from your phone as soon as possible, otherwise your mobile may be unusable.

In this way you can locate the virus in your android mobile. If you find out how to detect virus in Android mobile, if you find information useful, then share it with your friends on social media.


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