Always love Yourself Motivational Story

Always love Yourself Motivational Story

Always love Yourself Motivational Story

“Success is not the key to success”

Being happy is the secret of a successful life. God has given man a lot of strengths and good qualities. Humans are those creatures within which there is immense ability to think and understand. Those who do not want to live life simply or do not want to waste There is a very strong desire in every person to succeed, to do something and to get one’s identity.

Some people increase their desire day by day and some people suppress it by fear of society or labor. But by asking yourself, see who does not want to live a life in which people love you and recognize you. There are many reasons for success, such as determination, hard work, working towards making dreams and completing them, truth, honesty, ability to take risks etc. i hope you enjoy reading Always love Yourself Motivational Story

But there is also a factor of success which we often overlook and that is to love ourselves. To love yourself and to respect yourself, there is a very strong quality of successful people.

Sit down comfortably and think of whom you love the most? whom do you love most? If you ask someone to talk about this, usually the answer will be my parents, my children, my wife etc. If you think deeply, you will find an answer to this question that you will barely accept. And that answer is ‘by yourself’. Yes! You love the most love in this world.

If we are seen, then do we work for every small, small and big job only for our happiness? Whether it is bound in bondage of marriage, doing a job, becoming a mother, helping someone, making someone unhappy is anything. Yes! The difference is only in the source of happiness.

Some find happiness by giving happiness to others and some of them suffer from others’ suffering. Did Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many social reformers of the world not think of their happiness? Undoubtedly thought, these were people who were happy to see others happy. Some people feel inappropriate to love themselves because that is the belief that people who love themselves are selfish and can not love others.  i hope you enjoy reading Always love Yourself Motivational Story

The answer to this is that love can not be wrong at all, because the person who does not love himself does not love being true to anyone else. How can one satisfy someone else who is not satisfied with himself?

‘Unless you fill yourself up first’

To love yourself means to refine yourself, to search for the good qualities within yourself, to be respected for yourself, to keep your self positive, to inspire yourself and to take responsibility for every good bad event you have with yourself. . Remember that you will be able to share love and respect only to others when you have that item in abundance. It is as natural to love yourself as life is breathing. It has been said in the Bible that we should love others as much as we do ourselves. But sometimes we forget to love ourselves.

The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud has mentioned two types of instinct within man: a constructive and a distructive Some people display their emotions in a constructive way, they are happy to do good work and destroy some people and hurt others. If you are doing any distructive work, making yourself sad and disappointed with your life, you do not love yourself. The person who does not love himself, can not give love to others, because if you do not see any feeling, you will not taste the taste of it until you make it better in front of others.


Always love Yourself Motivational Story

To love oneself does not mean ‘I’, but it means that by recognizing our good qualities and getting it out and grow ourselves in the right sense. In psychotherapy, for the treatment of depressed and depressed patients from their life, they are asked to remove meaninglessness in order to find the purpose of their life. Think of what will be the state of mind in which man decides to kill himself? Such a situation arises only and only when there is no attachment between man and himself. He hates himself for some reason and punishes himself.

So think! How important it is to love yourself, because on the day you leave love yourself, your life will not exist even on that day because ‘it is impossible that one should love god but not love oneself’. Why is the beginning of your life also from you and the end is also from you Therefore, we should always pray to God that he will give us the strength to do such a thing that we can respect ourselves. It has been said that ………

“Give us the strength of the mind, conquer the mind before yourself, and glorify yourself.”


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