7 Best Email Marketing Services | Free Email Marketing Software

7 Best Email Marketing Services | Free Email Marketing Software

Friends in the last post I told you what is email marketing? And in today’s post I will tell you about the 7 Best Email Marketing Services | Free Email Marketing Software. Because when you know what is email marketing? So you would like to adopt it. That’s why I am sharing the list of website with email marketing service and the information you are counting among the top 10 in the world associated with email marketing for the people with you.


7 Best Free Email Marketing Software


1- MailChimp

It gives a great way of creating and subscribing to your subscriber list. After sending an email, you can track it very easily, how many people have opened your sent email, and how many people have come to your blog or website by clicking on the link given to you.
It also offers a template for sending emails and news letters.


2- Constant Contact

This is a cost effective email marketing solution. It provides a personal marketing coach for every customer, who provides help and guidance to the customer. Its easy to use services, so this is the best website for beginners.


3- Mad MImi

It is so easy to work on this website that you can create professional and fashionable looking emails without knowledge. That too without any technical information. For this, it also provides an email design tool. Which makes it different from other email marketing tools.
You can also add your user to social media using the button of your social media.


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4- Campaigner

You have 500 or 5000 contact lists, it is an excellent email marketing website providing award-winning customer support service, providing a very good service for all. Its basic plan also includes all the basic features that give top-rated email marketing software in its high rated plan.


5- Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is also an email marketing service provider website which offers a very cheap marketing automation.
Thinking about starting email marketing, this is a great tool for them. It also provides better facility for sending all the emails from the already existing list.

Through it you can monitor all your subscribers that they have not opened your email and if they have opened it, then by clicking on that link, you have come to the blog of [or not].

If the visitor comes to your blog via your email, it also gives it information and also tells you which pages he has seen on your blog.


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6 – iContact

It is very easy to use this website, keeping in mind the professional needs of its customers, emphasizing on enhancing customer list and delivering successfully in your inbox.
It also provides spam check that all the emails sent by it also arrive in the inbox.
It also helps to schedule messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.


7- Streamsend

It gives you nine different spam filters. You can run through your email to solve any problem before running through your email.

You can build your brand through its email sharing tool and social media tool. It supports many languages.



Whatever email marketing tools I have told in this article, some of them are free and paid service. To say means that some of them also provide some free facility but they have some limitations and some paid service is provided.


Please comment below if you like this article 7 Best Email Marketing Services | Free Email Marketing Software

Please comment below if you like this article 7 Best Email Marketing Services | Free Email Marketing Software